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Truth of Chinese Manufacturing Quality in Pictures

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2011

Welding is a process of joining metals by introducing a ‘filler metal’. This filler is electrically charged becomes molten and bonds the two pieces one wishes to join. Welding is an integral part of most manufacturing process and if you look at any building and or product containing metal, you will probably find welds. (riveting or bolting is also an option)
Welders in the USA are pretty well trained for much is riding on their ability. Build practically anything with metal and you need capable welders-cars trains, bridges, bikes, motorcycles, planes, buses, boats, machinery, etc.
In order to perform their jobs safely, welders typically need these things. (photo from Miller welding gear)

Not only does the welder need to protect himself as a tremendous amount of current is flowing through the welding rig, but he also needs to shield his eyes and skin from molten metal that sparks from the welds he is making. In addition, it is imperative to see the ‘bead’ or the line of molten metal that he is drawing to ensure a quality weld.

in the USA we have various agencies in charge of testing, qualifying and certifying welders and they typically do a pretty good job.

These, however, are welders in China 

Yes this man who seems to be snoozing rather than joining two hunks of metal upon which the lives of many will depend, but then again this is China.

Aside from their weld positions, other concerns come to mind


Do they look safe? Can we assume that a man who is


hanging on for dear life has a sufficient level of concentration to make  a weld with enough structural integrity upon which we  may trust our lives?

What will his work product be like?


And even if we ignore the big picture, how about his equipment. What does a professional Chinese welder don before undertaking his tasks? lets see, Chinese are nice so I will befriend him and learn about his secrets.

Here he comes. His protective shield and goggles seem odd, but maybe I am being ethnocentric or a snob.


Here he comes, a real Chinese professional ….And now lets meet my new friend

Hmm that is odd, he does not look much like a  professional welder. So I decided to go investigate and found out that


his weld ‘hood’ was a piece of cardboard and his ‘goggles’ were nothing more than sunglasses. But rest assured because the boss man was on the scene to ensure a quality product


This photo series if nothing else should serve to warn people about the realities of China. The people are great but communism, greed and corruption have left their work product to be a thing of scorn. While it is politically correct to not call them ‘reds’ chicoms and the like, it should not be politically correct to ignore obvious signs of malfeasance. This photo spread shows the reality of China and should not be ignored.

The Chinese made the statue of Martin Luther King, they have manufactured a bridge for us in San francisco and many other things and we, like idiotic sheep continue to trust big business both in China and the states as they proclaim the Chinese miracle.

Who could not build hundreds of thousands of apartments with this of quality and workmanship. The problem is that business does not want us to know about this stuff for if we did we’d shit in our collective pants and demand change. So its much easier to disqualify such pics as an outlier. My response to that would be, this is China.

Believe what you will, but next time someone tells you about the China miracle and quality please feel free to send them this link or download the pics and send them around. The more we know the better off we are. Maybe these photos show why a typical Chinese building lasts 30 years while ours last 90.

Just remember both of these guys are paid what they are worth. The question is to whom shall you give your money?

  who do you trust ?   

photos from millerwelds-com nasdonline-org thefabricator-com
also posted here

12 Responses to “Truth of Chinese Manufacturing Quality in Pictures”

  1. USA said

    If more people knew this stuff they would never return to Walmart.

  2. Daniel Bos said

    You forgot to mention that, contrary to Chinese, Americans need daily reminders that hot coffee is actually hot, and that they should put their baby in the microwave or dishwasher…

    • Brewskie said

      Actually you have this crossed backwards. =) The problem is their “patriotic hearts” are too fixated into winning the phony war of “Iraqistan,” and their generous hearts are too loving to let billionaires pay pennies more in tax (while they themselves suffer and watch their health insurance premium skyrocket) to be aware their coffee is hot, or their babies are getting a steam bath inside the dishwasher.

      Americans are dupes. Still, even though the dams, bridges and roads are weakening, Americans somehow managed to build homes and buildings that will still be standing when China’s go to rot.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Or that they should not hire coke sniffers for presidents- allegedly BO GWB

  3. Brewskie said

    I’ve only read about this before… this is like being a blind man being able to see for the first time.

  4. Canuck said

    Americans are selling themselves down the river and too arrogant to realize it. We are giving the Chinese our land and they have proven that the communist regime is one of the most evil ones on the planet. China is a cancer on the body of mankind and we are feeding it.

  5. Triano said

    Hmm I fail to see the problem here. So he doesn’t have expensive gear to protect HIMSELF. I was expecting to read and see bad welding, bad construction. Where are the photos of the welds themselves? Are they really poor, improperly bonded welds? We have no idea. Is this actually a permenant structure anyway? I looks like to me like some type of scafolding? Hardly a structure needing perfect expensive welders working on it to hold multiple tons of weight. Furthermore, just because there is no gov organization like OSHA demanding these “professionals” use only approved welding attire, doesn’t mean people can’t do good work. Government regulation and oversight isn’t always the answer. Many people and businesses are inharently “good” and do a fine job on their own. I know this isn’t always the case but majority are. Even with all the Gov intervention and oversight that the US has, you still get the Enrons and Bernie’s of the world. Pre big brother there were snake oil salesmen. There always will be no matter that your level of oversight. All the bureaucracy does is add a layer of additional cost. In China, you would have that just like the US (why we hardly have manufacturing sector) but because much of the Govt is so corrupt, it wouldn’t even make an ioda of difference in overall consistent quality.

    • wtdevflnt said

      I don’t know if you are being serious or not so Ill give you the benefit of the doubt. But the funny thing is that you proved my point. No the structure is not temporary, as it seems. Its a proper structure housing an elevator or something, so now by your own words you have proven the slipshod nature of Chinese manufacturing…:)
      now for the welding…(not being patronizing just want to get on the same page)
      Welding is a process of joining disparate metals at extreme temps . the welding that the man was doing is called ARC welding, it’s something I did as a kid. In arc welding the metals are joined by a ‘bead’ which is the confluence of half moons that are formed by a puddle of the melting metals. A good bead means a good weld and to run a good bead you need steady hands, a slight circular motion and patience, none of these are any good, however, if you cannot see. The spark of ARC welds is intense that is why you need a welding hood and shield. And most people look away if they have to run a quick ‘tack’ weld , in fear that even short exposure to the flash of an ARC ‘stick’ can casue damage. A man cannot watch arc welding without proper geat, the eyes cannot take it. One who cannot see cannot weld properly. This has nothing to do with OSHA, if you cannot see you cannot work. Aside from that, it’s just wrong to expose someone flaming sparks of molten metal while they hide behind a hunk of paper, but maybe you and I just disagree about this point in general.

      An improper weld is extremely unsafe. As for the welds themselves, you’ve got to stress test them to know their true integrity, but if you want my opinion, they suck. As a matter of fac tthey were so shitty I wanted to take a shot of them but the ‘workers’ are still there, but I will. Not only are the beads poorly run and light, but there is burning and spatter which , imho , means they had the rig set up improperly for the metals and conditions. If you really understand welding and want to check the welds tell me and send your real email and I can ship them, but again, imho, they are quite poor.

      re your point of corruption in the US, I fail to see the correlation to my post so maybe you can clarify.

      RE your last point of manufacturing in the US, you may want to check again. The US is still the number manufacturer of goods in the world. Check my blog a few days ago I posted it from the financial Times. China counts mining and civilization does not so the US is still top gun.

  6. […] https://wtdevflnt.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/truth-of-chinese-manufacturing-quality-in-pictures/ (A good one that shows pictures of Chinese welding techniques – startling and funny!) […]

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