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China’s Han Han Calls China’s Leaders Illiterate and Fearful of Culture or Knowledge

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 21, 2011

Han Han is a Chinese guy whose writing is incredible. He bemoans the commuist party and what they are doing to China. He’s going to do a piece for an American newspaper which means he’ll end up in jail with an electric prod up his keester just as Ai Wei Wei did. But for now we can enjoy his work
here is a translation of his speech in Xiamen from here:
“Leaders, teachers, and students: Hi. Do you know why China couldn’t become a cultural power? Because in most of our speeches, “leaders” always come first, and our leaders are all illiterate. Moreover, they are scared of culture (or knowledge), but their job is to censor culture, so they can control culture. How can a country (controlled by these people) become a cultural power? What do you say, leaders?
Actually China has the potential to become a big cultural figure, let me tell you a story. I served as a chief editor for a magazine that couldn’t manage to publish until now…”
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2 Responses to “China’s Han Han Calls China’s Leaders Illiterate and Fearful of Culture or Knowledge”

  1. gowron said

    Well if the Chinese comedy values a ugly ogress who plays with her own shit, and tells her cab driver to drink his own piss, as comedy, and this woman is a “school teacher” although a fake meme. (I’m so making a movie about her or a cartoon, at least, because. If I actually made a live action movie about the Xiao Yue Yue character, that actress would be scared for life and actually have a legitimate reason to kill herself with drugs). I how ever am prepairing to somehow combin my jibberish notes (especially here), into something that remotely conciders into coherent thought, it’s to unreal. Like I was telling Brewski, to write a story about the crumbling of the Mao dynasty through the eyes of an ESL.

    The problem is with Xiao Yue Yue. You know that a bunch of crazy chinese chicks actually inspired such unrealism. There’s a Chinese (I think. in that crazy compendium of Comedy that is the Chinese people the “i-Ching” proverb “The Truth is stranger than fiction”. Believe me, you seen it I seen it. Children with their butts out. Or in my case mutilated children especially in Southern China with eyes gouged (and I have documentary proof that this goes on). Hell, a piano player getting out of his car stabbing this girl, while mumbling “my dad is Li Guang, my dad is Li guang” no wait I wasn’t hear for Li Guang that was last year. I was here for death of Deng the video game player, and the train wreck, and the riots, and Piano player stabber. Like Xiao Yue Yue may be a fake character, but at least America’s fake internet character memes, are cute and cuddly and innocent Lonelygirl15, and other cute innocence. BUT China’s fake and cuddly girls have to be some ogress who you can SMELL through the screen. Like honestly I can’t visit MY own washroom that I religiously clean, with out thinking of Xiao Yue Yue, slipping in her own “mud”. I can’t even visit clean barber shops sterlized, in CANADA, in suburbia without the hair products conjuring up images of Yue-yue’s pub like head hair, or even SHIT in Cangzhou, or harry piss water mops used to clean the halls.

    Classical music which involves “musicians”, who crash a bunch of metal plates together like a autistic fetal alcohol 1 year old having a fit in special ed, while making blah blah blah blah, sounds to express joy and clapping his hands. (the Classical cartoon “Monkey King”, which won a international film award, despite it’s pukeish gaudy colour scheme, that would make the most seasoned player roll around his his own sick. It’s like drinking hte most potent of booze and you walk through this tasteless hall of one coloured art. Like classical music is intended to inspire you, help you achiever your intellectual goals, or at the very least inspire you to go one some demonic epic quests against a bunch of Orcs (warcraft, Lord of the Rings). Or frolic in the woods with a bunch of magical animals with some chick.. But it’s as if the Chinese actually WANT to be noxious and toxic handicapped glue eating mutants. And the thing is I actually didn’t want to be this kid, that fat Chinese booger boy. And I actually DON’T want to be autistic, clumsy oaf, (which is why I try to refine myself, I know it really doesn’t show in my writing. But I gotta vent. I actually enjoy posting about freedom making progressive people (like Sarah Grand of English-Irish fame). The opera singers, screech out this Banshee calling. That even Mormon Tabernacle Choir, would CALL the cops on, hell even that twangly Evangelica spirit singing would call the cops on. Half way through the overture of the musical play, then comes insane gonging, as if the Autistic child, ran out meds, cha cha cha wong wong cha wong cha wong wong dook dook dokkito dook dokkchawongdokcha, wang, che che, weerrr werrrr wwaaas waaaa waaa wa wa sdoook chang shang, ching chong, dok dok wang, wang waaaaaa. dook=the wood blocks, cha cha the heavy iron “hubcap” wang (the lighter gong), waaaa waaaa waaaa (strange kazoo like instrument. Like a Kazooo? (smarty-m&m box?), ayyeeeeeyoooo yaaaaaaaa yaaaaa ayyyeeeeeyoooooo (DELIBRATE screeching). It’s like the Chinese are ON PURPOSE trying to drive people crazy. Like some infantile 3 year old autistic booger spaz head, who raises his hand jumping up and down like a monkey having sex, while on viraga when he knows that once answer and is by passed by his teacher, but when he’s asked, he doesn’t know (so he goes on a shooting rampage in Virginia, instead of drowing out his woes in porn and video games and slow exiting of shell as I did (takes way longer… I just chose the WRONG country to do it, of all the countries I could have discarded myself in, I had to chose a warlike “muddy” hell hole.. Could have done this in Brazil and been an “artist” revolutionary writing about gay-straight peace, in a post gay marriage world, and other liberating stories like that). Like with Brazillian latino noisy music, at least there’s rythem, and FUN and beauty to it. I am conjured up with images of bright intellectually stimulating colours, and when I can “smell” these images I smell fruity hubba bubba like gum, or cream soda like fruit drinks. (although poverty is poverty, and sadly for the Brazillians can live in the pits sometimes, but at least the WANT to get out, and have the freedom to crawl out). In China, it’s as if the Chinese are saying we live in Xiao Yue Yue’s hair pube cirly ass crack, and so must the world, smell our Xiao Yue Yue (like little moon moon, you’d get images of bunny like school girls, instead I got to REALLY see children take shits in the streets).

    So China is proof that the arts are reflection of soul. Even if in very ugly places, like the beheadding lands of Thailand, and other brutal places in the world, Detroit, East Hastings, or Deadmonton the land of the Frozen zombie’s ghosts blowing on wind so cold your face turns to dust….. at least those artists are trying hard to inspire their humans to be better to improve, Africans, especially hatians are trying to rebuild better lives, While Chinese “art” serves Xiao Yue Yue, cakes (moon cakes, and we all know what Xiao Yue Yue made them out of lol).

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