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China’s Great Leap Forward, The Dark Reality

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 23, 2011

The great leap forward was a period in the late 50s and early 60s where tens of millions of Chinese starved to death due to ill-conceived communist goals and plans. Here is an excerpt of a book written by Dikotter on the subject.
from here:
“In all, the records I studied suggest that the Great Leap Forward was responsible for at least 45 million deaths.
Between 2 and 3 million of these victims were tortured to death or summarily executed, often for the slightest infraction. People accused of not working hard enough were hung and beaten; sometimes they were bound and thrown into ponds. Punishments for the least violations included mutilation and forcing people to eat excrement.
One report dated Nov. 30, 1960, and circulated to the top leadership — most likely including Mao — tells how a man named Wang Ziyou had one of his ears chopped off, his legs tied up with iron wire and a 10-kilogram stone dropped on his back before he was branded with a sizzling tool. His crime: digging up a potato.”

One Response to “China’s Great Leap Forward, The Dark Reality”

  1. gowron said

    And my study was of the Other half of those deaths, which surpasses the 3 Million tortured to death+60 Million starved and diseased to death+ my 5.2 (And GROWING as I haven’t even scrutinized the back log deaths). And soon I will calculate how many Americans have died form Chinese products. If only Americans knew how much the Chinese are hurting them with. Sales from my book “No Communism No new China” or the research will be used to support medical, recovery in both America and China. I won’t be making a penny from it for personal pleasure. If ever I use the blingage, I’m going back to school. finish it off, aquire the subsequent tiers, and perhaps maybe go back to China, (or Taiwan, and screw around with the economy and manipulate it for the better, this is after of course the Big adventure in Brazil, but I wonder would lesser known south American or African countries be more suitable? Anyways, my mission for the lulz as the children call it these days. is to go to each continent and visit/live for a significant time and screw around with the community. (the more isolated the more rural the better). It’s either that or ugh…. It’s not the Chinese themselves I find so ewwww it’s some of their attitudes. This Autistic self centered ness. (which infact is good, we all need our office space bubble, of 5 cm right? to maintain our unique office personalities (it’s what makes the office fun, oh there’s the cat co-worker who loves cats, dogs, their kids, church, meeting for scrapbook club, there’s the office asshole, who’s mean to everyone (China), he’s an ok person, there’s the really touchey feely football coach friendly big guy in the corner with lots of very interesting no office related stuff in his corner office). China, needs to learn to be more frienly. (Like Japanese and Koreans are extremely friendly, as are the Vietnamese), Chinese however just so insulated and I know it’s impractical to get to know 7.5 Million Hong Kongers, or 2 Billion Chinese. But Japan and Korea have 240 Million people like America.

    Anyhow, I’m here on Lamma, for the overture of my project exploration of their culture, (I still got to videograph my mom a copy of the TinHau festival. She loves Chinese opera. (Chinese opera is ok, the costumes are just as colurful as Santeria Carnaval. (except one biggggg difference, Santeria Carnaval doesn’t revolve around blood thirsty wars, although I really should scrutinize this art form a bit more. I really want to be the ultimate Trekie and merge this into a Klingon Opera. Musical students and what not keep on trying to create this as an actual art. I also would like to real the literatures of places I visit. REALLY REALLY rare and obscure literature, Then “Antonio Sallieilaries” (I’m sure here in Hong kong there’s some dusty English book that was a hot item, back then, but is forgotten). One thing for certain in China, is that although they can be isolated rude incosiderate, they do have “something” that resembles a unique contribution to human development, unfortunatly not much, but meh one hundred Lis starts with a single step. For Lammite People. I’m busting my ass in my crazy Canadian way to see if I can’t help them enjoy a less eye sore existance (ie clearing out decades worth of ghetto 3rd world trash, but I’d still do this would it be Haiti, Favelea so of Citadel De Deus, (but perhaps Chile or the Guays would be more suitable for me. I love my dry mineralized mountain airy goo). One thing for certain, when I’m studying my past life memories in this life because of the easier travel ( I miss long flights though, you just sit back watch a movie and sleep, now you can’t even sleep Jet lag off lol). Like one moment it’s in a hell like stressed out violent country full of people struggling (China), one minute it was in a peaceful but Cold Eden like place with a lawn (I miss my lawn), another bunch of flashes it’s tromping in a jungle forest planting trees, helping the community, and still retain it’s Chinese flavour, another moment it was in the olympic village. It’s going to be an interesting if not confusing nonsensial last 30 seconds of my life. But yea I think in the future I would like to live a brief spell back on Lamma. perhaps to see what I’ve created here can take root. Perhaps spend my retirement years, taking care of my “investment” I made in the people of Earth. But I won’t be stepping foot in China again. If anything it would be awesome for Hong Kong to seperate, like Singapore has. Singapore is smaller than Hong Kong and they have no problems living on their own. Even if China does implode it’s CCP shit government. Hong Kong should strike out on their own.

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