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China’s BYD Sucking Even More-Layoffs for China’s BYD

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

China has some sketchy auto/battery company called BYD. They ;make shitty Chinese products as redundant as that term is. BYD did, however convince Warren Buffet to buy into them, a thing for which he’s made a pretty penny.The unfortunate thing is that BYD’s cars and batteries have under-performed and underwhelmed bringing change from within.
It has just been announced that BYD will layoff about 7000 employees due to its suckiness. As they are located in China the actual cost in terms of salaries for said employees amounts to about 2U$ per person so maybe the real cost savings are not that steep. BYD may be aware of this as they now say they will also layoff 70% of its sales people….

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China’s Shitty Socialism- No Medical Care, No Retirement

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

A survey in China states that 85.6%of the farmers have no form of social security and 88% have no medical insurance. When a country like China has from 700,000,000 to 900,000,000 such people the results can be catastrophic at least.—survey red net

(photo birdofprey.ru)

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China’s Thug But not Benevolent Financing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

Rotten dictators or mass murders come to China and you’ll leave flush with cash. While China has positioned itself as the loan shark of despots, they have been less reluctant to help the EU. Their reasons are that ‘they do not have a sense of obligation to help anyone’ – how Chinese a response is that? The reality is probably that the EU said we’d rather not deal with your terms vz importing your death goods and people for a few guilders and in the end its better for the EU to change from within. The US should do likewise…
From here:
” China Investment Corp vice chairman Gao Xiqing said China would only consider buying European debt if it was a good investment, not out of a sense of obligation to help the struggling continent.
“We can’t just go save someone. We’re not saviors. We have to save ourselves,” Gao said during the panel discussion.”

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Chinese, Ignorance and Walls

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

This clip is quite old- 130 years old, but shows how secluded the Chinese have been for millenia. The problem is that aside from a brief period of enlightenment they have remained secluded and ignorant of the world around them.

The Awakening of China (W. A. P. (William Alexander Parsons) Martin)-1873
“The foreign settlement now stands on Shamien, a pretty islet in the river, in splendid contrast with the squalor of the native streets. The city wall is not conspicuous, if indeed it is visible beyond the houses of a crowded suburb. Yet one may be sure that it is there; for every large town must have a wall for protection, and the whole empire counts no fewer than 1,553 walled cities. What an index to the insecurity resulting from an ill-regulated police! The Chinese are surprised to hear that in all the United States there is nothing which they would call a city, because the American cities are destitute of walls.”

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Violent Clash in China- Villagers Oppose Land Grabs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

China has had quite a few ‘mass incidents’ or riots this year. It is reported that in any 365 day period they will have at least 100,000 or so events and it is getting worse. At issue is the flagrant abuse of power by local officials ie communist party members, and lack of rights. This weekend a particularly bad ‘incident’ broke out in a town of 1.7 million people. The people smashed government buildings and protested for almost a weak.
Here is an excerpt from this site:
“Lufeng, a city of 1.7 million, saw violent clashes with authorities earlier in the week, when villagers in the suburb of Wukan ransacked a government office and police station after riot police chased and beat up protesters.
No violence was reported in Saturday’s protests, with security forces noticeably absent.
“We don’t have weapons and armour, nor can we match them for strength, but we have the numbers to protect our village and the lives in it,” said Lin Zuliang, a farmer representative from Wukan who addressed a cheering crowd via loud speaker.”

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Nice Rant on Capitalism by The King

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

From the King:
“America may be a land of bitter poverty, and social programs controled socialism, like say a church group ie Knights of Columbus, Charitas, or even on Christian charities, like Muslims, and what not), work. People get paid, use donation money, and rebuild America. Freedom means a free market, while I agree it does help when the government assists, (just a think tank really of professionals who went to school and try to run the logistics of a country). But more effectively if things were in the people’s free market hands. Where artistan people (anyone with a brain and the will to make physical this visions conjuring up these “forces from the neitherworlds” as this boy states. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with making a profit it just means you are right it is working. Like Drug retreats in the Amazon, in Brazil and etc, where these facilities are there to help bring controlled wealth into the lives of the natives to upgrade them BUT so they can better define how to use
wealth to increase standard of living for their own people (rather than Guevara’s let’s blow up the natives because the natives who wanted peace blood thirsty way). It’s like this scene on Harrison Ford’s movie Mosquito Coast, where he establishes a village lodge and other eco modernization for an isolated village, only to have grunty ill mannered Ortega’s men (Daniel Ortega a child rapist), grunt it up and explode) Fuck you and your dirty Xiao Yue Yue’s unwashed “purple” underware.”

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Glorious Chinese History, Where?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 26, 2011

I am confused. Upon arriving in China one hears of the glory of days gone by and all that was the spectacle of China. Then while side-stepping a steaming hunk of human feces recently deposited in the doorway of a KFC by a local Chinese person, one has to wonder what happened to the glory.

Then someone will quickly say that the problem with China today was the cultural revolution- fair enough, one then thinks.

But then one comes across something like the following. Here is a description of China that was written 130 years ago. Thus, this observation occurred before the great leap, the cultural revolution and Mao. Interestingly enough, the China he describes is eerily similar to the China of today. My question is then, where is the glorious old China?

Excerpt from In Eastern Seas Or, the Commission of H.M.S. ‘Iron Duke,’ flag-ship in China, 1878-83 (J. J. Smith)

After about an hour’s walk along it, for the first part under an arcade of trees, we find ourselves in the filthy, unsavoury Chinese quarter, as the nose is careful to remind you if there be any doubt about it. They are certainly a very dirty race, these Chinamen; the dirtiest on earth, I should be inclined to say, considering their boasted civilization and vaunted morals; and, though compelled by our sanitary laws to live somewhat more cleanly than their enthralled brethren [77]on the continent, still they are dirty, and I’ll hazard to say a sight of the Chinese of this town would soon dispel any illusions one might have nourished to the contrary. A subsequent visit to the native city of Shanghai shewed us to what disgusting depths humanity can descend in this particular.”

(image from drop-fake.com)

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