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Happy Birthday Communist China!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2011

Today China is 62 years old. Just yesterday the people of this wonderful country were tilling their backyards with oxen and planting rice by hand, oppps they still do. Well just yesterday they were ruled by piggish men who had lost touch with the populace and whose arbitrary rules lead to nothing less than hell on earth for the bandy legged and snaggle toothed people who lived here, but then again uh… that could be said today.
Well time was when arguing with the emperor meant death… uh….. hmm
Damn. Nothing ever changes in China, its got 5000 years of history which amounts to nothing more than the same old shit. Same old food. Same old complaining wenches, same old useless soil.
Ah but the mela milk and oil fires are new. And the toxic rivers and lakes and the dead fish…
Yeah the communists have done a smash up job lording over China….

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Communist China!”

  1. gowron said

    Don’t forget all the new chemical deaths, new diseases like SARS, and etc that these people died from, such as exploding rockets, trains going boom, and other fun new mechanized shit, like getting run over by a car over and over and over again, or the “death van”……

    fuck you China fuck you. I’m headed to Brazil. I’m going to encourage growths of rainforest and when the UFOs come to Brazillia. I’m on the first settler on New Sao Paulo. I highly suggest you come with me Wtd.

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