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The Real China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 3, 2011

Here is a line from mylaowai.com that nails China on the head. He is describing a certain specie of Chinese who still inhabit the earth but who possess that Red Guard zeal responsible for the deaths of millions of their countrymen.
Read the article here, but he is describing the act of purchasing a ticket from a Chinese ticket agent
excerpt from here:
” All I am prepared to say, therefore, is that the flight originated in California, the person was female at some point before her fallopian tubes dried up like noodles that have been left in the sun, and the name was Ms T. She is employed full-time by Air China, and part-time by the folks who are in the spying game. Oh yes, and she has an expression that can curdle milk at fifty paces – you know the sort I’m talking about: some middle-aged former Red Guard bitch. They’re a dime a dozen in China. The heart is a small, black thing like a lump of coal and it pumps viscous vitriol around the body instead of blood. Too mean to die, they exist in a dark netherworld of hatred and bitterness. It is said that, as with Cliff Richard, they cannot be harmed by conventional weapons. Let the traveller beware when passing through lands inhabited by Ms T and her ilk.”
continue here http://mylaowai.com/2011/09/21/victory/

One Response to “The Real China”

  1. gowron said

    The Irony here about Miss T. is that, the red guards, now demand respect on virture of “giving up their youths” to build China. They sing camaraderie songs in Lu Xun Park, and they complain how younger generations are shitheads screwing everything up.

    The problem is unlike their American or other westernized contemporaries, who struggled against the forces of nature and physical impossibilities back in the 1900’s-present, (engineering, construction, or turning mud huts into cities (Alberta), or Even the Mormons, connecting scattered enclaves, or Aborginals resurrecting their almost extinct genotype), The elderly deserve the RIGHT and Privillige to call my generation slackers. (just like their generation before and before since to the days of expulsion from Eden (or exodus the bunkers of Aztland, and other creation myths). The social challenges like eradication of poverty, and the elevation of dignity for all lifeforms on Earth. Chinese granpa’s generations was pure savagery. And we have the nerve to Call the Japanese, blood thirsty rapists? (when bazillion sexual crimes go on in China? In one of my reported Deaths, a young preteen girl who was just visiting the big city leaped to her death because some spawn of such prestigious linages of heroic Red Guards.

    What I’m saying is because the Red guards wasted their youths, dancing around with flags, and beating up elderly, (including doctors and teachers), instead of doing productive things with their youths. Oh I don’t know learning medicen, to reverse eons of dark ages (I honestly don’t want to think what China was like 100 years ago. To study engineering to oh I don’t know build water and irrigation or the infrastructure needed to support an advanced civilization. That’s why I give the Chinese elder 0.00000% respect, regard them as ugly Morags (that old witch on Dark Crystal by Jim Hansen).

    Now for the “Capitalist” grandparents. Living in Free Hong Kong, and watching these useless generations and their lust for the high living, without attaining the means to support such a standard. (through hard work, philosophy and the finer things in life, upgrading for bigger and badder things (America in a nutshell, with it’s eons of poplius movements aimed at upgrading her people, freedom from slaverly, the American dream of freedom to be who and what you want to be), the brain of the elderly Chinese, only consists of “Did you eat?” yet there is abundance of food, and playing Majong. (now Chinese Chess and Go are intellectual games)… and gumbling as loud as they can…

    If reincarnation is true, The Chinese deserve everything they get. The Japanese deserve everything they get (because they busted their balls off, as a person with a handicap this is no excuse. You make the best with what you got, and try to improve. As a volunteer of the Winter Paragames in 2010, I saw a Blind German girl win 4 golds. Skiing no less.) I’ve seen Japanese and Germans (the world’s villified ogres due to a long war) invent machinery to make life easier for handicapped, and or invest ALOT in such services and support. (such as psychiatry to mitigate and try to liberate what they can of someone’s imprisoned mind with disfunction). China only sent like 4 guys to the winter para games. (with a nation of Bazillions of ill gotten dollars). Korea doesn’t have much resources or money to work with, they’re trying to recover from a military dictatorship and doing an excellent job. and thanks to China propting up a coackroach monster (see America World Police movie). denying Korea it’s future. Even Vietnam is slowly moving towards economic and political reform. (in the way of Cambodia did).

    so the elders of these places these people who actually WORK, and busted their balls off building us the society we take for granted, and or instilled these ethics in their youth, instead of seeking easy solutions, and or blaming others. (The Chiense always blaming whitey or the Japanese). for their problems (yeah I’m sure Whitey told you to over feed your son Lu Hao, so that his eyes are all squishy lol).

    The Chinese that actually do come into America, build new lives, and pay taxes, into the system, and become engineers to build America. or Canada. Or they left China to Maylaysia to become Nobility (title discontinued in the 30’s when Mayalsia became a constitutional monarchy). Then come in these materialistic creatures that fuck everything, up, give the world the impression that Chinese people are asshole mutants, because they’re spawned from asshole monsters (seefut Gwais), ass ghosts (assholes).

    So yes I do blame the whites. I blame the whites for bringing liberal friendly ideals to a Bronze aged arrogant people. It’s not that they’re Chinese or white perse. The Caucasians, westerners were smart enough to actually collectively say hey Earth sucks dick, let’s fix it. Let’s invent better ways to grow crops stay alive longer, so we can accomplish more things, let’s cooperate. Luckily the Japanese learned this (they fucked up for 10 years, but now they’re really on Track), and the Germans are extremely friendly people, who are hard working inventing INSANE technologly to help make life easier here. And Occasionally Chinese people listen to reason and try to say oh man, living in 50,000 years of garbage really sucks ass. But this is extremely rare…. It’s a fear based economy based on beauties of wealth but for hoarding, not for art, not for making the world a sexy place.

    America’s contributions to the artisan’s world: heart string pulling movies that make you cry at the awesomeness of humans, or movies that try to wake you up. (Astronaught Farmer, ET, Forest Gump, Up, Toy Story), Japanese contributions: (Ghibli cartoons of magic, magical cartoons), French movies (movies about magical romance, Amile), Chinese movies ( movies about violence, Although Bruce Lee Movies are cool, It’s movies about violence, granted many American movies are war like movies, Superheros blowing up New York (which is probably reason why rent is so high there, land lords have to always build their city every summer lol), but Chinese people seem to be fixiated on violence and “ass kicking”, for the slightest provacation. (in America, people fight only if “Thems fighting words” said). So called Savage Muslims are actually EXTREMELY friendly people, polite. My Uncle (now a retired President educator, once stole FREE food from the Shik temple, in Hong Kong, and cheating and bribery are very common here).

    As a future father, are my grandparent’s values what I want to instill in THIER great grandchildren? are THESE ancestors to be venerated and honoured? Like I feel so embarressed when Caucasians list off great and noble people who helped humanity as their elders and ancestors. Aborginal youth speak of the wisdom of their elders with pride. And I know nothing about mine, except my Grandpa enjoyed playing hookie from school, by ducking under a river, my Great grandma enjoyed: playing Majong, loved power, and wealth, and my other great grandma enjoyed nice clothes. However my Grandpa I do respect because people say he has a kind personality and was very much a joy to be around. now with my grandma’s side, I know a bit more now, and I’m proud, that This great grandpa was one of China’s early I.T. specialists who tried to bring telecommunications to China (if it wasn’t for MAO (spawner of a RETARDED prince fatso, with shitty handwriting), he was also an appointed KMT mayor, Like for what it’s worth for the Chinese, at least some of their Elders TRIED to fix China, tried to civilizes us (Taiwan although Chinese, is infnitie times better than China). Now I know where my barbarism (I was a very angry sloth of a nerd kid, (you mentioned your friend “mikey” a big ogre like boy. I was that kind of boy, except I wasn’t a bully. I was a Slob. Then I UNslobbed myself, ESPECIALLY since I saw what the Ogres Chinese people became. See I had this fantasy that my life would be better if I went to China. a year ago. Based on some of the movies they posted out (about princesses flying around, magical ancient China, Monkey king, and other such stuff I grew up with). My mom was a tiger mom, however she was a tiger mom, in the case of being a cute and cuddly plushy tiger latter on. so now I know where my ogre side (being a bar fat nerd type), But then I know where I got my civilized brainy side from (the I.T. Mayor, he was excuted however by the ogre like thugs). such a waste. To think I could have been an IT science dude in China, trying to upgrade technologly, instead running shit factories where young people jump from the roof (Ipod City), or poisoned products with poisoned.

    It’s like I am incredible Hulk, civilized human Doctor Banner, and half Nuclear Orc. Or it’s like I’m toxic avenger. Ugly Mutant but with a extremely kind heart. Well against my better judgement. I shall return to hong Kong, especially out to Lamma to continue with my projects that I started here, before heading back to Canada. I especially want to work with Caritas, and other Christian organizations to see if we can’t buy some shit land, or referbish some shit apartments to become low rents, for those stuck in Cage city. Like although I divorced from the Chinese race a long long long time ago this year, (perhaps I’d like to explore my Manchurian-Korean side, or just say I’m Vietnamese. (why not? Wayne Cao a poltician I admire in Alberta, is Vietnamese, and The Vietnamese have the year of the Cat…. ( to distinct them from the Chinese), I anticipate eventually Vietnam will shed Capitalism (they already enjoy a working relationship with Catholics) I’m more of a Syncro-Catholic (ie Santeria, Voodoo, Cao Dai, New Aged). I hope that eventually Vietnam slowly moves towards elections as Burma have. I have faith, because I find that Vietnamese are less corrupted as Chinese. Their values are different, there they actually venerate family. There’s still corruption and mass death, but not on the scale of China.

    Well who knows. I’m planning a DMT ayahusca voyage into my brain, and if I managed to find out which nurons my ancestors DNA resides in, then I’ll know which one (alot of them I can imagine). denied me my magical trip. I was expecting magic, ancestrial ancient home coming, like Worf from Star Trek, a Klingon super warrior who has all this self doubt and confusion that be devoured his culture and everything about it, and understood probably most what it meant to be Klingon. Like I was expecting to go back to my “home planet”.

    Now I undestand fully what makes Chinese what they are, and why I feel so icky around them as a kid. false uncles, and aunties, a souless piano session not based on beauties of my soul, but the empty Edmonton tundra. And ALOT of arguments revolving around money, and prestigue. This is why I feel so gross when I’m at a Christian church, or meet with Christians. (Yet feel so gooey (sugary goo filling), when I’m say in a white church). This is probably why I even prayed to God, at Disneyland, please please can I live in a happy caucasian family, and envied the self esteem of my contemporary Mormon colleagues. when I was a young Mormon single. Caucasians are envious of Asians? Why? You have a SOUL. Blacks have SOULLLLLLL, Mexicans have joy, Brazillians are alive etc. Koreans Vietnamese, Philipenos and Japanese have life. Chinese are zombies. It’s as if everythign physically retarded happened to the Chinese. Smaller dick, smaller body, smaller nurons where the sole, conscience, and honest ethics, and imagination, are connected or not transmitting sparks of life). Although Fireworks are cool.

    Like Japanese built beautiful rice burners (Iprefer Dodge Vipers myself,and I love my Aries K car, and or pony Hyundai (shitty milage though), Like is it psylogical and that I’m just a mutant exception, an evolved Chinese, because I lived in Canada, where completely different Chinese live? Although Chinese in Hong Kong are infinite times more civillized than the mainland, HKers did and are sometimes assholes. Especially the elders.

    So no I honour and respect my elders. They have done nothing to warrant this out. If I could warn my colleagues and peers not to return to the land of their elders and ancesterial homelands to find themselves. DON’T, all they will find is when you want up after a drunk binge, and your friends graffitied your face with silly stuff like monocles, moustashes, swastikas, phaliacs, public hairs, you wake up in your own mess (because your friends love you and turned your body over, and you just crapped yourself the night, because you were very drunk). now add that this binge you also snorted coke and have blood caked under your nose, Needles you now have festering wounds, full of slime, and you had a wild sex party your body is now infected with biblical sores of Joab…. This is what you’ll find. I highly suggest if you’re 3rd generation Chinese, to study the Chiense in America, in Canada, or even if you’re 1st generation, Chinese, or if you wish to insist in visiting China. Visit Vietnam, Visit, Hong Kong. or better yet Japan or Korea…. but avoid China. The only ancestrial visitation you’ll recieve is having a conversation with a Chinese elder in communial washroom.

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