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The King Rants About Red Guards From China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 4, 2011

Here is a nice rant from the King about China’s red guards and what they truly are… (it was in response to mylaowai.com’s snippet)
The King says:
“The Irony here about Miss T. is that, the red guards, now demand respect on virture of “giving up their youths” to build China. They sing camaraderie songs in Lu Xun Park, and they complain how younger generations are shitheads screwing everything up.

The problem is unlike their American or other westernized contemporaries, who struggled against the forces of nature and physical impossibilities back in the 1900’s-present, (engineering, construction, or turning mud huts into cities (Alberta), or Even the Mormons, connecting scattered enclaves, or Aborginals resurrecting their almost extinct genotype), The elderly deserve the RIGHT and Privillige to call my generation slackers. (just like their generation before and before since to the days of expulsion from Eden (or exodus the bunkers of Aztland, and other creation myths). The social challenges like eradication of poverty, and the elevation of dignity for all lifeforms on Earth. Chinese granpa’s generations was pure savagery. And we have the nerve to Call the Japanese, blood thirsty rapists? (when bazillion sexual crimes go on in China? In one of my reported Deaths, a young preteen girl who was just visiting the big city leaped to her death because some spawn of such presti
linages of heroic Red Guards.

What I’m saying is because the Red guards wasted their youths, dancing around with flags, and beating up elderly, (including doctors and teachers), instead of doing productive things with their youths. Oh I don’t know learning medicen, to reverse eons of dark ages (I honestly don’t want to think what China was like 100 years ago. To study engineering to oh I don’t know build water and irrigation or the infrastructure needed to support an advanced civilization. That’s why I give the Chinese elder 0.00000% respect, regard them as ugly Morags (that old witch on Dark Crystal by Jim Hansen).

Now for the “Capitalist” grandparents. Living in Free Hong Kong, and watching these useless generations and their lust for the high living, without attaining the means to support such a standard. (through hard work, philosophy and the finer things in life, upgrading for bigger and badder things (America in a nutshell, with it’s eons of poplius movements aimed at upgrading her people, freedom from slaverly, the American dream of freedom to be who and what you want to be), the brain of the elderly Chinese, only consists of “Did you eat?” yet there is abundance of food, and playing Majong. (now Chinese Chess and Go are intellectual games)… and gumbling as loud as they can…

If reincarnation is true, The Chinese deserve everything they get. The Japanese deserve everything they get (because they busted their balls off, as a person with a handicap this is no excuse. You make the best with what you got, and try to improve. As a volunteer of the Winter Paragames in 2010, I saw a Blind German girl win 4 golds. Skiing no less.) I’ve seen Japanese and Germans (the world’s villified ogres due to a long war) invent machinery to make life easier for handicapped, and or invest ALOT in such services and support. (such as psychiatry to mitigate and try to liberate what they can of someone’s imprisoned mind with disfunction). China only sent like 4 guys to the winter para games. (with a nation of Bazillions of ill gotten dollars). Korea doesn’t have much resources or money to work with, they’re trying to recover from a military dictatorship and doing an excellent job. and thanks to China propting up a coackroach monster (see America World Police movie). denyin
g Korea
it’s future. Even Vietnam is slowly moving towards economic and political reform. (in the way of Cambodiadid).

so the elders of these places these people who actually WORK, and busted their balls off building us the society we take for granted, and or instilled these ethics in their youth, instead of seeking easy solutions, and or blaming others. (The Chiense always blaming whitey or the Japanese). for their problems (yeah I’m sure Whitey told you to over feed your son Lu Hao, so that his eyes are all squishy lol). “to be contonued

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