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Reality of Chinese Construction in Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 7, 2011

These “flying Walenda’s” are responsible for lashing the structure upon which they are perched. In addition they were working on the building as well. I once heard an incredible statistic about how many of these guys fall to their deaths or become paralyzed and sadly enough they are not covered by health care and are then fired or their bodies rolled away.
This is the reality of the pretty China, the reality of which we are now getting a glimpse of.
Funny thing is that in between getting five knuckle love during their ‘supplier conventions’, big business does not like us to know about this. As a matter of fact many American apologists aka pieces of shit, will also say that China is growing, as if this excuses this immoral and evil behavior.
“China is not a developed country” is their catchall phrase which means “hey shut up and dont rock the boat. Things are too good here, where else can we demand 28 day work months at 12 hours per day and sexually harass our workers.”
If we had a collective conscience we would boycott this place or make it better.

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