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The Party Effect in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 7, 2011

Here is a comment from the King who is tallying up all of the deaths caused by the party either wholly or partially. He is doing this under his own volition and in reality only wants to expose the ugly reality of this place. If more people became citizen activists we would all have near perfect information and then could make good decisions.
Thanks King
“Well at the rate my death report is going. (and it’s climbing it keeps climbing). I estimate at least 25+ Million Deaths, if China is to stink along with their germy toliets, This probably means a million well 450,000-1,000,000 a year. So if China has 10 more years, that’s 10 Million ore deaths so 35+Million more people have to die before these stinky stinky men’s government collapses, along with the Kim Dynasty? Oh the humanity…. :_(

Well I at least know what I’ll be doing these 10 years, working with Caritas down in Brazil, and or India, to help them absorb these new economic responsibilities inherited by a collapsing China.

But 10 more years of poison, can the world handle this? Can the eco system???

Any more crazy surprises in the 10 years? the eventual collapse of the Macau-Hong Kong bridge, more planes crashing from the sky, more much more disasters, like dams breaking, starvation. Oh God when will this madness end?… More Children suffering as street preformers, more children stabbed, Gahhhhhhh.

More stinky stink toiliets. More shitlympics. and all these leaders live it large. Then to top it all off, China STILL has to rebuild, again!

That’s it I’m headed to South America, I’m headed to Timor, to help these countries grow.”

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