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Beijing Pollution Picture

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 9, 2011

According to this site, Beijing’s pollution is 347 or’ dangerous, and everyone will be affected’. This rating of 347 is unfathomable to those living in society for they cannot comprehend what it means. As an example, Los Angeles, considered to be kind of polluted, will have readings of 50 and people will consider it a dangerously polluted day.

Living in pollution that measures in the ‘347’ range, brings a new meaning to the word ‘survival’. The air feels like a toxic mixture that like some type of nerve gas permeates ones body, clothes and hair. The air becomes so thick that climbing steps can be an exercise that leaves one breathless. And washing one’s hair and body leaves a dark puddle in the drain.

For your humble author who now on a daily basis uses an air mask both on the way to work as well as in his overpriced home, it has meant several severe bouts of bronchitis and a warning that he may develop asthma. The toxic shroud, however, is not without its charm as it is a daily reminder of the form of governance the good people of this place are forced to contend with.

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