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Buck Teeth, Collectivism and Ugly– Chinese Subways

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 12, 2011

Today my trip through purgatory-the subway, presented me with an interesting experience. I noticed that yes, Chinese travel in packs, Hofsteeds would call them collectivistic a thing they deny. Yes, being in China is like seeing 1 300 000 000 people with same hair, eyes and skin all wearing a shirt proclaiming ‘I am unique’ or ‘I am different’. The stark reality, however is that they are as interchangeable as one of those little plastic bulbs in a light bright kit. None is different from the rest, they are cut from the same cloth.

Back to the story. So I am watching a gaggle of peasants with those huge bags they all carry and of course they are going to see Tianenman. Most of them probably dont even know about the little killing spree there a bit ago, but that is beside the point. So all of these people gaggle together and occupy a little space and stair wide eyed at the mechanical marvel that is a subway. Im thinking, ‘poor bastards its 2011 and to them electricity is something only found in big cities.”

In any event the phrenologist in me took over as I began to study their monstrous skulls. What struck me, however was not the magnitude of their preorbital lobes nor the gaping depths of their nostrils, but their teeth. Orthodontia in their little hunk of the world must surely be the future. To a man, they possessed the most ginormous shelf of diseased chompers I have seen, each a masterpiece in color , tint and shade. It actually brought out images o Thanksgiving to your humble author, all of the golds, tans, and oranges playing one off the other.

Before you consider me rude let me explain that yes my teeth are known to wander around my mouth and appear as if king midas has lain an index finger thereupon so I can feel the pain of this buck toothed meth mouth crew. I guess it does not help to only breed within their little confines of the planet thus passing along this assuredly recessive gene (to the rest of us), but looking on the bright side, their place probably only has 140 dudes for each 100 girls, a factoid which will soon lower the numbers of their clan considerably.

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OOOPs China Launches Yacht, To The Bottom of the River-Chinese Boat Sinks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 12, 2011

China does some things well and some things poorly. Im still looking for the former but seen tons of the latter. The other day they launched a pleasure Yacht which summarily made its way to the murky depths of the River, it never floated.
Such is China…(no ftalities)

photo and article from here

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Ancient Tombs Uncovered in Eastern China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 12, 2011

Chinese are collectively urinating all over themselves as some ancient tombs were discovered in eastern China. To me the things look like the same kinds of cave homes that a large percentage of Chinese still live in, even today. But, according to some Chinese gurus who were educated during the cultural revolution, a period were only Mao speak was allowed, the cave homes are not newly constructed apartments for China’s poor but something from a famed dynasty long ago.

Unearthed in this treasure trove of the true China were blue prints of large pyramidal objects with comments such as. “hey wang, how do we get some of these? here are the specs, hurry and build one quick then we claim it part of our history” Laid next to that was what appeared to be a cross bow, a thing the chinese academics ‘pre- dated’ to 100 bc then re discovered it…
story here

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