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GQ, Chicoms, Liars, and Striking over Meals- News Today in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2011

Some chinese guy who knocked off microblogging and brought it to china made the GQ man of the year list. Who will they nominate next???
article here

Workers in China are striking over ‘bad meas’. This is odd, the workers will suffer through 18 hour days and 28 day work months but bitch about the food? Oh yeah they work for a foreign company so we’ve got to treat them better than the locals do.
article here

Corruption now legitimized at world steel association,

or so it would seem for a guy from China is its head now. I’m sure this guy is really clean. Oh by the way, what to they make high speed death trains from?
article here

chicom lies on his resume
This is funny some chicom falsified his resume- allegedly. He supposedly graduated from university when he was ten and began working thereafter, the guy started gradeshcool the day he was born, or so says his CV. Who really believes these louts anyway?
article here

(btw, the pic is from the cultural revolution when Deng was purged, this is how he was portrayed)

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