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Love Your Parnets, Or Else- Filial Piety in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 13, 2011

China redefines the word butt-loads and in China they have butt-loads of people. The problem is that all these people have parents. No the issue is not that all these old folks spit all over and dodder around in pajamas while stinking of mildew, but that too is true. The real problem is that chain does not have the money to support them, or will not spend it. China’s pension plan has more holes than a clinton testimony and less cash than a Guizhou peasant. The result of all this is that China is forcing kids to take care of their folks both financially an emotionally and even allows the elders to sue.

Another tidbit is that China’s top university, meaning the least sucky one or the one with the best cheats , will not allow students to attend unless they have true filial piety, ie will give their folks money in their old age so the at the chicoms can continue to piss away their cash on 200 rmb cigs and koozie…
article here

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