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Marx Says Chinese a People of “Incomparable Dishonesty”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 16, 2011

The Chinese like to hide their history, recent history that is. Sure they want to talk about some fat little no nut eunuchs and their leaders who after visiting the ‘man hut’ allowed them to roam the land with impunity. But the recent history to the Chinese is verboten. I guess it makes sense for who wants to discuss how they ate the flesh of each others children to survive in the late 50s or how they beat and killed one another over Mao love.
Some people whom I would call ‘idiots’. say that the problem with the Chinese and their lack of morals is a recent thing. (Actually I would not call them idiots but ill informed.)
But if and when one reads a book, they find that no, the China man of today is no different than the gazillions who precededcorruption in China them. Below we have a quote from Marx who captures what many say of the Chinese of today.

As Marx bit the dust way before the communist revolution in China in ’49, it is doubtful that he witnessed their behaviour then. In addition, he did not experience the madness of the early 20th century so that too was not the problem. Hmmm he calls them incomparably dishonest. And this he said some 160 years ago. My My how the country of China has not changed.

The Writing on the Wall (Will Hutton)

The German sociologist Max Weber criticized the Chinese for “incomparable dishonesty,” “absolute docility,” and “distrust for one another,” which, together with their lack of the Protestant incentive of a virtuous afterlife earned by saving and hard work, condemned China to economic backwardness.2

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