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Chinese Girls Sells Body For Iphone

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 22, 2011

reposting this for wordpress cut off a part when I emailed it….

Ahh the immorality of it all. A while back a Chinese guy offered up his spare kidney for an Ipad, he has two after all, and before that a Chinese woman wanted to trade her cherry for the same thing. And now I have just read that a college student has offered herself up for months of sex all for a new Iphone (here). It turns out that college student was caught by her boyfriend, as she offered up her ‘junk’ to some guy over china’s ‘weibo’- a microblog knockoff. After reading the article, I then considered it- read as ‘snapped one off’ and then ran out to purchase an Ipone 4S. And then analyzed this in terms of China today.
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The girl in question does not want any old Iphone, but the new Iphone 4s which retails for 199-399 back home (with plan). But the 16 gig version will go for U$1,100 here. I cannot fathom the moral depravity of a society and a woman who will sell her lithe young body to any man who need only be equipped with a cell phone, of all things.

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But I fear that the moral decay that has seeped into the bones of China has once again reared its ugly head. The Chinese society today has looked for monetary rewards to fight emotional woes and the results are sad.

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I could go on and on about the consequences of this type of thing but fear it is of little use. Absent a change in mindset, the locals are doomed to a life of quick pleasure and inner chasm of despair.

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That is all I have to say for now as I need to go sign up for a Weibo account.

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