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Comment on US Businessmen Selling Us Out

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2011

Nice rant from this site about US businessmen selling us out.

“Don’t leave out Jeffrey Immlet the CEO of GE. In January 2011 Obama
named Immlet to run his outside panel of economic advisers and chair a new
Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Obama said he wants the council to
“focus its work on finding new ways to encourage the private sector to
hire and invest in American competitiveness.” Obama is either nieve or
dumb, to appoint Immlet is to appoint one of the chief proponents of increasing
stockholder profitability by reducing the American payroll (Called Cost
Cutting) and going overseas. Between 2005 and 2010, GE terminated a whopping 28,000
employees in America. In 2000, 30 percent of GE’s business was overseas; today,
60 percent is. In 2000, 46 percent of GE employees were overseas; today, 54
percent are (Wessel, 2011). Immlet would have Ameicans believe that he is going
overseas because “…that’s where the customers are.” He is lying. According to
Samples (2011) in July 2011 it was discovered that Immlet was moving the
headquarters of its 115 year old X-ray business to Beijing as part of his plan
to invest about $2 billion across China over the next few years. He seems
to forget that goods can be manufactured in America and sold overseas, he also
forgets that is what America use to do and the country was prosperous, not just
CEO’s and stockholders. No politician has come forth and exposed this travesty.
In 2010, General Electric earned $5.1
billion in America and more than $14 billion worldwide. They also received more
than $3 billion in federal government tax credits while paying no US income
taxes in 2010 or 2009.

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China Outlaws “Excessive Entertainment” for “Delicate Programming”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2011

China, long known as the land of hehehehahahahah hoohoh has outlawed ‘excessive entertainment on TV. This is a snippet from here

The new rules, published by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) will take effect on January 1. They are aimed at “preventing excessive entertainment and vulgar content so as to meet the people’s demand for more delicate programs.”

Yeah, they are taking off vulgar content. If you have ever been to China then youd know that the content is far from vulgar, unless you consider hours dedicated to stories about the war against the Japanese and KMT. So I truly don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. The only thing I can think of is that all of these people see the few who have money flaunting their wealth and then get upset and then want to do things so taking a page from their past China is hoping that everyone will be miserable and stay home.

Or maybe force struggle sessions upon their capitalist neighbors.

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China Wants to Keep Out Foreigners

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2011

The Chinese government believes that they do not need the help of foreign devils and can pretty much do well enough without us. The reason for this may be ignorance, crazy nationalism, too much alcohol or general low IQ. Some of you who ‘know’ china because you have stayed in the Beijing Hilton or partied on the Strand may disagree , to which I would shake my head and consider you a dim witted fk wad.

The truth is that China, although claiming that the US is setting up trade barriers, is doing worse itself. In addition, China is attacking American and other foreign interests with increasing prevalence. Let me explain:

Wal Mart China in Chongqing was recently shut down for ‘mislabeling normal pork as organic’, fair enough. But China is a country who by its own admission serves up 10% of its meals nationwide in cancerous swill oil. In addition to this, just the other day I posted that come poisonous dumplings were sold by a Chinese firm, only to be removed from the shelves, and nothing else. No further action was taken against the Chinese company.So how is it logical that poison dumplings only merit being taken from shelves when they can kill someone; but mislabeling food leads to a store being fined and closed? The reason is that the people are pissed with uncle red and to preclude angry mobs, the reds are looking for scapegoats.
story here

Another issue is that uncle red is forcing foreigners to pay chinese social security insurance. Now before the same apologists/morons claim that others do the same, I would say that China’s scheme is one of the 5 most expensive in the world. In addition, how many expats will stay here long enough to capitalize on those benefits and will the current government still be around to offer them?

In addition, the social security hit comes to about 30% of ones salary–wtf? So if a guy makes 100,000 U$, he’s gotta give 30 000 to the Chinese social security which is shit and underfunded and will offer that same person a few bucks a year should he retire here. In essence China is trying to make money from us all the while keeping us out. This was as much as told to me by a good friend working with a Chinese high tech company. the company who was started by a communist has told them to seek good local talent and that foreigners were not all that necessary.

These are the facts, choose to believe them or not….

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Death of a Child and Reality of China-mylaowai.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2011

Mylawoai commented on the child who was run over in China. His comments seem mercenary, but sadly enough he has lived here long enough to truly understand this place and the consequences thereof. For instance, he states that foreigners may be mourning the death of the child more than the locals, and to those of you in civilization that may seem too far fetched to be true (pt 5). Unfortunately, it would appear to your humble author that this is true. To me the locals are more humiliated that you guys found out, not that this happened -in general. Which leads me to an excerpt from his post which I have pasted below. And before you think his words harsh, just remember this same thing happened last year when a guy in a BMW ran over a kid 4 times and no one did a thing. The sad part is that nobody told the world so the locals didn’t have this dramatic ‘soul searching’ over that event. The only difference between that and this is news coverage.

excerpt from here:
“3. Is there anyone in the world who believes for a single second that this doesn’t happen every day in China? If so, you are a touch naive, my friend. This is how it works: Some baby / old geezer / idiot [delete as appropriate] wanders out into a street / highway / service lane. Truck / car / taxi runs them over. Said vehicle usually drives off, with the driver not being aware of the fact the the bump in the road was made of meat because he, too, is a fucking retard like all his shit-for-brains cuntrymen, but on the off-chance that the driver does know what happened, said vehicle will stop, reverse over the now-much-easier-to-hit target in order to make sure of the job, before then driving off. After all, a dead person is cheaper to pay out for than an injured one if you are ever caught, which you won’t be, because nobody actually gives a damn about anyone else. Home of civilisation my arse.”

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Inflation in China- Still Going

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 26, 2011

Inflation in China is crazy (Brew I couldn’t reply on the site so here it is…). According to the government the rate is 5-6% to which I and most Chinese call Shenanigans. My contacts who are in the know place the figure at from 10-15% and most here would not argue. Aside from the price of pork and houses/rent the place is crazy.

Another indicator is that the minimum wage has gone up 22% in this year alone. If nothing else allows us to understand China’s inflation problem, this should. what country would increase wages 22% unless unless inflation were well above 15%?
story here (http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?cid=1102&MainCatID=&id=20111026000038)

Inflation will continue to be a problem which has uncle red nervous. Uncle red fears upset people, especially in the coming year when the next capo/mafia don will be put in power. Thus, the country is on pins and needles as it is. The problem is that Chinese need houses and their tastes are changing, all of which means a rise in demand leading to inflation. Uncle red subsidizes things like electricity for homes which costs ten US cents per kilowatt hour. In addition businesses receive subsidies as well.

In addition to this, uncle red tries to ensure food prices stay low but the issue is that farmers who in China are poor only receive money from selling crops grown in twenty to thirty meter land parcels, and these same farmers are facing an increase in prices meaning that they too need to raise prices.

In the end, uncle C is very very nerous.

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