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China’s Problem Our Problem- Pig Theft in the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 29, 2011

China used to be less rapacious in their consumption, I guess that’s easy when feasting on the flesh of the neighbors child. But even before this hideous period, the Chinese had at times lived in harmony with nature, the Mongol rule may provide a good example. But currently, in a country where ‘whats in it for me’ could.be carved onto all of their tombstones, this problem has a global impact.
Pork prices have risen and to accommodate this the chinese have done everything from dye red meat to look like pork, to adding illegal substances. Now they are heisting US pork , or maybe we are heisting it for them. It would not be too bad if the reason that the Chinese need our pork were more benign. But the reality is that has they pollute their own land and water, they will be ransacking our harvests. Too much water and resources are used to process coal so they can pollute our earth and make toxic toys and entertain the useless chicoms whose real function is to siphon off funds then ship them overseas for the fateful days ahead.
The real issue is that if they do not maintain their land in a sustainable fashion, they will only suffer more.
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One Response to “China’s Problem Our Problem- Pig Theft in the USA”

  1. Brewskie said

    Pig rustlers? Nice. The Beavis & Butthead meth heads must be branching out beyond stealing anhydrous ammonia (there’s stories of farmers waking to find their 1,000-gallon tanks empty).

    In terms of China news, it looks like Tom, at the Seeing Red in China blog, had several links of a violent protest in Huzhou that broke out over taxes.

    http://tv.on.cc/index.html?s=3&ss=15&i=ONS-111027-12652-21M&d=1319720344 (A video)


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