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Chinese Communist TV

Posted by w_thames_the_d on October 30, 2011

China has said that ‘entertaining TV’ must be cut down in order to preserve China’s culture. As I have visitors that only watch Chinese TV, I have been privy to just what the communists mean by ‘wholesome TV’.
After suffering through hours of interviews of foreign old men who have married fat older chinese women, and couples with matching buck toothed igor looking kids, China’s elite then focused their TV talents on more heart warming things- war.
For the past week, i have seen more death than i believe I saw in all my years in the USA. The Chinese leaders have decided that although it is not a wise move to show people smiling, its ok to show the massacre of man, as long as those men are from the KMT or Japanese.
Thus, I have been suffering through some Chinese war flick whereby for hours per day I must watch not only the worst acting I have ever seen, but with story lines that would make award winners of your typical porn flick. What the Chinese lack in acting ability, in cinematography, in clothing and storyline they make up for in death. For in these terrible flicks. undoubtedly the wise communist military always finds a way to outsmart their foe and dispatch of them en masse.
My only question is if this even had a speckle of reality backed in, then why did the Japanese own this place a few decades ago? Aside from this, if the prowess of the party soldiers was so good, then what was the reason for them to turn tail and run during the long ‘hide me before I get my butt kicked’ march….

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