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Pollution Watch in China, The End is Near

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 4, 2011

According to this site, the worst case for global greenhouse gas emissions has been eclipsed. The US is a huge emitter and deserve the scorn of the world, but what about China? Although they talk a good game, the air pollution , imho, has gotten worse. You can check my photos here and try to find ‘blue sky days’ in Beijing.
The chicoms are worried about jobs. the reason they are worried is that if people do not have jobs then they will get angry and if they get angry they will demand change, and if they demand change then the leaders cannot continue to rape the land of its resources and steal cash. Thus, the leaders want jobs. As 70% of China’s electricity comes from coal, and they are woefully inefficient in their use of natural resources. All of this means that the rape of the land is worse than we thought and will continue to be so.

4 Responses to “Pollution Watch in China, The End is Near”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    And yet it is interesting that the per capita CO2 emissions in the (self proclaimed) richest country in the world is 17.5 metric ton per year, compared to China’s 5.3 metric ton per year. That’s right, while the US is the world’s 12th biggest polluter per capita, China ranks 78th.

    So… who should get their act together?

    • Brewskie said

      A funny story: During Obama’s first term, the cheerio prez tried talking China, Brazil and India into reducing their CO2 emissions at a G20 summit, but the upstarts didn’t bite. The “new boys” dissed the prez by not inviting him to their table; China sent a representative to speak with Barrack. The president was miffed.

      But filled with “hope & change,” Barrack pressed forward: he had to ASK the upstarts permission to sit at their table, where Obama then tried bludgeoning Hu Jintao into cooperation. Ha! Captain Crap Out the Capitulator made an ass out of himself, falling flat on his face!

      Currently, China’s the world’s largest energy consumer, consuming 3 times the coal as the US. Individually, Americans have a larger impact because of higher per capita consumption via dwarfed population size. Absolutely: with such large individual impact, Americans must be a model for the world in CO2 reduction. (Some good news: oil imports are down to 47% of consumption, though America’s still hogging too much oil.)

      China’s way behind in the particle emissions category; this stems from higher reliance on coal for power generation (70% vs. 50% in the US), and obsolete power generation facilities. I’ve heard stories of days gone so bad, you can see smog 2 feet in front of you – and that’s in the country, five miles outside the city.

  2. Brewskie said

    Yesiree, let’s all ignore basic 8th grade science – CO2 is not a green house gas.

    Daniel and wtdevflnt: I don’t know how long you guys have been in China, but years back, Kansas’s board of education seriously tried removing evolution from being taught in public schools, and replace it with Intelligent Design Theory. Last decade, Texas played with abstinence education; you may guess the results…

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