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CAT Buys Chinese Company

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 10, 2011

Caterpillar, or Cat as they are known, is buying a Chinese company. Good for Cat, although my fear is they will now glom on to nothing more than a slipshod operation whose books are filled with as much fantasy and lies as the most recent communist party speeches.
What I find particularly interesting, however, is this as reported here, :
Caterpillar Inc. said Thursday it intends to buy ERA Mining Machinery for as much as $887 million, giving Illinois-based Caterpillar greater exposure to the modernization of China’s coal mines.”

‘modernization of China’s coal mines?”

Look at the photo of the cave homes that surround these ‘modern coal mines’ where workers wrap their faces with strips of cloth, all in the hopes the the cough they have been experiencing lessens. Inevitably, however, it will not, and the little sacs that are meant to give them life and flex while processing o2 will be incurably scarred leaving these people to slowly die of o2 deprivation. (see human rights watch reports- which are blocked here of course)

The good news, of this however, is that some chinese coal boss, who possesses less of a soul than your typical person here, (is this possible? ), will have enough cash to send the child he was forced to have, but not forced to raise, to a country that believes in human rights and the fundamental goodness of mankind.

This child who has learned morality from picking through the pockets of his fathers pants where he came across ticket stubs which marki his fathers drunken forays into the local KTV -aka classy whack shacks, and by watching his mom’s ever so intimate ‘english lessons’ with the big nosed foreign teacher.

The child will have a shiny car and ugly girlfriend and be as empty as the promises of advancement that China issues to the minorities in tibet and xinjiang.

The child, believing in the 24 paragons of filial piety, which encourage such things as a child consuming the feces of his parents to ensure they are in good health (true, read here ), will follow in his fathers footsteps. he too will spread his contaminated seed into a stick-like figure of emptiness he calls a wife and at the age of 50 his dong will go down, never to rise again. Leveraging the cash his now defunct papa left him, he will splurge on women who for the price of 8 boxes of Ho-Hos will sell you their flesh.

The cycle will continue like this. Even if and when the dragon falls, not much will change, I fear….

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“Fresh Air in China”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 10, 2011

The other day I was freezing my butt off and asked why the people in my hovel had opened the window. They said that it was to get ‘fresh air’.
‘Fresh’ and ‘Air’ when referring to China is as bad a convention as saying ‘fair’ and ‘china’ or ‘moral’ and ‘china’. Call me a linguistic purist, but to me the word ‘fresh’ connotes unspoiled or perhaps even good or healthy.
With air that has a particulate matter count that is low when compared to that of the Fukushima plant, I wouild hardly call what we breathe in China ‘fresh’.

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Unbelievable Scandals in China, Best of….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 10, 2011

Excellent post here on things we call typical here, but those in civilization would call horrific…
click here

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