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Chinese Man Allows Wife to be Brutally Raped as He Hides in Fear

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 13, 2011

China has some good kung fu movies, but most of them come from Hong Kong. Although China has buttloads of people, you would think they have some men, but apparently not.
Here is a story about a Chinese guy who cowered meters away from his wife while she was brutally raped. The man said he was very upset during the event but too afraid to act.
What makes it worse is that the cop shop was about 20 meters away, so had this dude found his nuts, he really didn’t have far to go to save his wife. Or, perhaps he could have merely stood up and kicked the yellow out of the rapist, but of course he did not.
This type of stuff is pretty common here. People get run over, people lie bleeding in the streets, people get raped, but the commoner does not pay attention. This is the true China.
From here http://www.chinasmack.com/2011/stories/wife-beaten-and-raped-while-cowardly-husband-hides-nearby.html

3 Responses to “Chinese Man Allows Wife to be Brutally Raped as He Hides in Fear”

  1. Daniel Bos said

    It would have been nice if you also had mentioned the facts… For example that there were three guys with metal rods and police batons, and he was hiding with his small children…

    • Brewskie said

      It took Yang Wu a full HOUR of listening, and seeing, his wife getting beaten, raped, and degraded before he dialed 110 – and even then it took him a few rounds of calling before he got it right (the first time his whisper of “my wife is being raped” was mistaken as “my wife is being robbed”). His wife has attempted suicide several times since.

      After police finally arrived, both Yang’s wife scolded him for essentially being worthless; his mother agreed, hit him and kneeled before Wang, begging her for forgiveness.

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