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Rant on China and Canada by The King…..

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 13, 2011

Funny rant by Gowron aka “The King”!
I especially like the WOLVERINESSSSSSSSSS part
From The King!
“And the truly fucked up thing is that Chinese Canadians who built freedom with the tears and sweat of Freedom loving, lovers, (ie joined the army and shit), we STILL build freedom with our sweat balls from the balls of sweat, while these faggot princlings come into Canada, especially to Calgary where I live, and have dedicated 10 years of my sorry life standing up for human rights, by helping homeless retain what humanity they have left after through personal mis choices or misdeeds of others, and other cool shit to make Canada work.

now the 30 years that hard working Canadian- Chinese have used to cultivate a reputation for hard work, CLEAN living (ie not shitting in streets, and being ogres). Now these fucking ogres…. FUCK THIS…..when the Reds try to invade Americanada. I would have evolved into a serviceman by then…..

Fuck you China. I’m leaving. This Christmas. Fuck you fuck your pollution, fuck your little children shitting in streets. WOLVERINEEEEENSSSSSSSSSSSS. I get to be the guy who takes out a Red tank, while I meet up with some Wolvereen teenagers…. honestly DON’T FUCK WITH TEENAGERS. They’re slightly less stable than mixing GLyerine-and TNT, and plastic expolsives, while disolving pop rock METHS, then adding a frosting of Radioactive goo. And I have zero problems with shooting at Chinese…..

10 years, ten mother fucking years of helping the poor, and building their houses, WHILE they yelled at me (which is understandable, because they’re extremely stressed out and stuff. I sympathisize). And these fat headed fuck teenagers think they can fag and androgynise and “Je le je le je le wo, lai le lai le lai le (some fucking pop song these faggot chinese faggos listen to). They come in, and bring Chinese-White Canadian relationships back to the 50s… Then they huck up goo and or be old stinky chinese men in swimming pools?S?S?SS??!?!?!?! FUCKKKKKKKKK I NEED SWIMMING!….

Don’t take my swimming from me, you ugly pig mutants, with wide nostlels FUCK YOU ALL. Then what can these kids actually do for a living. They’re too weak to pick up a pencil, unlike their Canadian-Chinese counter parts who work labouring jobs. Like Lots of Chinese Canadian kids grew up on their own merits, or with autism and learning like me, cultivate a heart instead of a brain. (and will eventually fuck off to some farm land he (me), buys to grow legal hemp. If I see a bunch of faggity PLA skinny fucks. remember GUNS ARE LEGAL IN CANADA. (well get permits first, but I’m sure a bunch of us defending our lands, and native right…. oh god……no… the Fucking Chinese are going to savagely kill the natives arn’t they? Just like the Tibetans, Bo Ren, Miao, Manchurians, Dene (speaking of which There’s a dying population of Dene in Northern Alberta, like sign not even here can these poor suffering deer herders (bambi), can escape the savage piss skins.

Fuck you China. Bring it. Try to take over MY land, my Winnipeg, my Calgary, and my elementary school. I’m going fuck you skinny faggots with flashy hair up, so bad. DON’T FUCK WITH CANADIANS. We’re mutants who are bullet proof, because we evolved an extra layer of skin, and shit. Plus we have sasquaches, and drunk lumber jacks, (with Chainsaws like in movie Friday 13), AND We play street hockey when we were 3 with LIVE CARS, and we destroyed Legions of German soldiers to keep them from flanking Advancing American soldiers, by destorying them in an orgy of blood and murder. And German soldiers are like these Valhalla warriors who WANT to die fighting. They’re like Klingons, except they’re human. So go ahead China. Try to take even more from me. IN MY LAND, with MY HOUSE, MY SECURITY BLANKETS (yes I sleep with baba blanket). When I’m known to have fallen through an icy lake, went face first twice into pure ice, (at scouts tubing)… Try and buy up Canadian land, and evict Amer

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