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Disobedient China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 14, 2011

China is controlled by ruthless louts who hide behind the party shield while their apes repress the nation. Actually I forget why I used this lead in, but the chicoms are punks. Ever notice how tough they appear when they have the diabolic flags behind them, but in the international arena they are as peaceful as their 1840’s ancestors after sucking on the ‘pipe of placation’ loaded with scag.

Obama, the loafer took a shot at china and told them to get their shit together, a thing nearly impossible for them to do. This was their response ”
“If the rules are made collectively through agreement and China is a part of it, then China will abide by them. If rules are decided by one or even several countries, China does not have the obligation to abide by that.”

According to this site, the chicoms resent obeying rules the had no part in making. Sorry China but was it our fault you were too busy killing and starving off your people while the great helmsman chased chaste pre-pubescents through the hallowed halls of his castel while the rest of us were making laws?
In addition, mr china, it is not just rules that others made that you do not like, it is your own as well. See my last post about your constitution.

The bottom line is that China has gotten a free pass for so long they don’t even know how to behave like real humans.

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