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Electric Vehicles in China- Oh Yeah, Geely and Volvo Too

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 15, 2011

China’s power grid companies will be able to decide the fate of EV manufacturers. The issue is that there are two types of cars, rechargeable and those who use a ‘battery swap’ mode. Cars are built for one or the other and the tech is not interchangeable. So the companies are foaming at the mouth to see which way the chicoms will go. In the end, I think they will flop. The reason is that China today is not set up for E vehicles. For instance, if you live in civilization you can charge at home, you cannot do this in China for they all live in apartments, they do not have homes. In addition, charging poles would have to be so numerous that the typically impatient Chinese would probably electrocute one another or clobber each other to death while the three hour charge is being undertaken.
I predict EV’s in China will flop, book mark this page. I called the BYD disaster, lets see how I do on this one.
OH yeah, I also called the Geely Volvo tie up as a hunk of dung. I just spoke to a woman who works for Volvo and she has the look in her eyes, like”oh shit wtf are we doing in this monstrosity of a country”. Geely has had money problems for like most chinese companies, they have been sucking off the teat of easy money for too long and cannot appropriately manage their finances. Story here http://www.wantchinatimes.com

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