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Ugly China and Stolen Credit Cards and Fraudulent Stocks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 19, 2011

A big question was what impact the rise of China would have on the world and now the results are in. China is forcing us into a moral and ethical backslide where things like rule of law and ‘good faith’ are no longer applicable.

For instance, China makes so many poor quality toys, etc that the market has evolved to sell kits that test for lead and other metals. In addition, the US had to revamp how we check goods at the borders and we have forced the Chinese to assist us to inspect more within their borders. With civilized countries this was never a problem, but moral with “chinese characteristics” has taught us to not trust them.

Now, after they have swamped our stock market with fraudulent securities the US is making it harder for them to IPO there. (story) what gets me is how the immoral and unethical nature of one country forces us all to be disbelievers and to be concerned. And this is true, when I deal with Germans or English, I never worry, I figure I can trust them. When dealing with Chinese, I need to be wary, I have learned this behavior here. The Chinese go into deals assuming you will lie and or cheat while we in civilization assume a level of trust.

To further show how screwed these people are and the impact of China, the Apple store has to take RMB for payments for according to this site 45-85% of all payments made by Chinese on the apple ap store were made via fraudulent credit card payments made by Chinese. The Chinese saw an opportunity and possessing no soul saw nothing wrong with stealing the aps with stolen credit cards. The result is a change in the system . As time goes on you will see how the ugliness of China stains how we do business and the reverse Darwinism that they bring to the world.

One Response to “Ugly China and Stolen Credit Cards and Fraudulent Stocks”

  1. nulle said

    dude, you never remembered Reagan’s famous words “Trust, but verify.”

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