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Chinese and Health

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 21, 2011

Chinese, who are great cooks, feel it their birthright to counsel you on all it is that you consume. They will tell you which animal member is the best and the spices which will help your little brother do his job. They also know a litany of worms, bugs and snakes that will cure everything from Alzheimers to the gout. My question is
If the Chinese know so much about food and how it effects our health, then why is the typical China man no taller than a short stack of pancakes and has the shoulder span of a number 2 pencil?

(ps look at the pic wtf is up with that nurse with the Marge Simpson head?)

One Response to “Chinese and Health”

  1. MyLaowai said

    Haha nice post mate!

    P.S. the nurse is probably a middle-aged Shanghainese former Red Guard.

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