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Coke Heads, Glory Days and Chinese History

Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 23, 2011

Im sitting here watching Chinese TV aka propaganda and untruths. One of the things I noticed his how great China was, as in past tense. In all the movies, shows, and literature, this place was a veritable haven for innovation and …fashion …yikes. While not one to be cynical, I have to call shenanigans.
While I would agree that no one wants to watch despair and oppression, I would like to think that the powers that be in communist ‘ville would opt for a touch of realism in their shows. In all the shows the Chinese dress and behave like humans, and all is good.
I think it may seem easy for you to believe these lies about China , for those of us who have lived here its not. To imply or state that the classy man in the fedora was somehow transformed into the doddering half wit sloughing down my hall in his boxers while his meaty fingers toy with his johnson as he shephards the next generation of familial disappointment, I have my doubts.
On the silver screen the dashing guy has more charm than Bond and the oratory powers of Lincoln, but today in between spiting in the elevator and yanking on his junk , he’s barely able to utter a civil word.
Which brings me to my point. WTF is wrong with these people?
sure they are communists but so are Cubans, but they act human. And Cuban chics are sexy and classy to boot. They don’t while away their days inspecting their finger tips now liberated from peeked nostrils then wiping it on the subway doors. The cubans move with class. sure they became commies about the time Mao etl al began starving 40 million chinese to death,so this place had a head start on the pathway to hell, but the Cubans are light years ahead in terms of civilization.
So wtf is wrong with China

At the end of the day it is like this. These guys remind me of that coke head from West Liberty Iowa, who through gritted teeth and grinding preaches about his glory days back in the 80’s as he searches for the yearbook while screaming at Sue Ellen to shut those fucking kids up before he blows his stack. Knocking aside leaflets from the local farmers co-op, he goes on about the time while only a 9th grader he got into the varsity game for a play or two. To hear him tell it, he was a star. but as your eyes travel across his double wide littered with animal dung and peanut butter, you have your doubts. But the guy has the healthiest quarters in town, so you stay long enough to stock up and then hit the bricks.

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