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An American in China


Posted by w_thames_the_d on November 26, 2011

Took a fkight to civilization. Flew out of Japan. So much more pleasurable than flying with. Chinese.

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  1. Brewskie said

    Welcome back to the US, homeboy; use the time to recollect, reminiscent and reflect, for you’ll realize in nanoseconds the US is far from perfect….

    Glance the headlines, regurgitate over the stupid politicians and archaic infrastructure: yes, the US be will the the third deadweight anchor in the upcoming global downturn, along with the EU and China; but don’t become despondent – crises comes and go. (There was a Great Depression, right?)

    If yah like brewskies catch a cold US microbrew (not the US majors’ pond water scum, silly!), and you’ll see why the US dominates World Beer Cup completions.

    And better yet, ponder the ugly cookie-cutter design of simplistic US suburban homes; gasp how even ugly, 20-year-old roofs in need of replacements resist leakage, or how even poorly insulated houses resist speckage of crackage, and one will grasp one thing: that even though the average US bridge is seven years away from the end of its useful life, that US roads will cure hiccups and US dams are one pebble-removal-by-toothpick away from “Armageddon flooding,” at least there’s comfort knowing the average US citizen will enjoy a dry roof over his/her head (assuming he/she has a home) compare to his/her Chinese counterpart, who… bought their $600,000 fancy condo and… discovered it leaks acid rain after 3-4 years. =(

  2. Brewskie said

    Judgement Day’s comin’ for the developers.


    Get this: “Sun Jianping, analyst with Guotai Junan Securities, estimated that the real estate market will need 10.84 trillion yuan (US$1.69 trillion) of cash in 2012, while developers will be able to draw only 9.49 trillion yuan (US$1.48 trillion), meaning cash shortages of 1.35 trillion yuan (US$211 billion).”

    Debt held by listed developers will need to be paid as soon as next quarter.

  3. Brewskie said

    It looks like you jetted out of Beijing just in time! 😀 Recently, parts of the roof of Terminal 3, a $2.8 billion building operational since ’08, was blown off by the wind.


  4. Brewskie said

    You just take a nice little siesta from China and enjoy a sturdy roof over your head; I’ll post a few interesting stories to feast on upon return, and for the readers to enjoy.

    Purchase an aircraft carrier but get a barge instead(!): China’s first aircraft carrier possesses more alluvium than bite, ’cause the Ruskies refuse to sell China interception devices – making aircraft landing impossible.


    China’s left with nothing but a show-off toy purchased by pompous CCP cadres whose self-inflated egos are about to burst mighty China – as if it were a over-inflated bobo doll produced with the same quality of nihilism you’d expect from communist hands. Supposedly, the Chinese could merely steel the technology and reverse engineer it, but that would derail faster than a “Siemens AG me too” high-speed train. Who out of China’s cadre mama’s boys, stemmed from only child families, would want to crash on that tug boat?

  5. Brewskie said

    Hmmm… looks like China’s ambitious, avarice-filled millionaires smell a leak spilling in through the paper mache hull of China’s ship – and they feel the bow kissing the lips of the cold ocean: over half of China’s millionaires are considering, are have already taken steps toward emigrating. Reasons for leaving include China’s one-child policy, food safety, pollution, corruption, poor schooling, a weak legal system, education and medical care; the US is the top destination for 40%, followed by Canada with 37%, Singapore with 14% and Europe with 11%


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