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In China if You Can’t Buy Gucci, You Buy the Bag….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 12, 2011

In an attempt at looking like the most insecure people on the planet, the Chinese have sunk to new lows. No, I am not talking about selling oneself for an Iphone, but something less interesting. In an article here, it has been reported that Chinese, who wish to look affluent, will purchase bags from Gucci and Coach and tote them around all day. The idea is to confuse everyone and convince us that the possessor of said bag is rich.

I guess the people who buy these bags think that a bag from an expensive designer dangling from their wrist will make us forget about the wad of phlegm they just hacked onto the sidewalk and consider them to be the upper echelon of Chinese society. Nevermind the Iprad they are reading and the RoRex watch, this Chinaman is the real deal.

It must be their belief that by holding such a bag, they must be better than the 1,340,000,000 others who have not been as crafty as they and merely lug around a bag proclaiming ‘Wal mart’.

Actually I always wondered about this phenomenon. Why is it that the Chinese do not hunker down and buy backpacks? I would assume that there has to be something better than toting all those paper bags they lug to the bank and to work. But then again maybe its just me. Maybe the Chinese have found a green solution….

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