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Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 19, 2011

China’s economy is slowing. Of course not all countries can claim stellar results such as China has had, but then again not everyone has had the entire world rushing to their shores and disregarding all rules of mankind just to sell their goods. But yes we have done this in China.
But now the good times are over.
What this means is that each day now, we do not receive so many calls from realtors selling over priced houses. In addition, gone from their canary eyes is the arrogance the masses once had. they now see the light and know that the hunger of the 50s can be visited if they do not get their collective shit together.
And this is what scares them, for they, above all, really know how badly this place is. They know of the imperfections the fraud and deceit. They know that they have been lapping at the pap of an unsustainable cruel joke meted upon the world.
For China has been held aloft as a model, an example of all that is good and possible, but in reality it is not. To a great extent it is a house of cards built upon fraudulent communist promises and poor quality. The crash of this place cannot come soon enough…..

Story here


  1. Brewskie said

    Ha! This lad said the smartest thing I’ve read in a week; get this…

    “Sign of imminent hard landing can be measured by number of CCP looters fleeing the country recently. The fuse for the time bomb is getting shorter and shorter. The musical chair has only a few notes to crank out. As the old China hands say ‘you don’t predict earthquake by looking at the seismic machine, you watch the behavior of dogs, chickens, pigs fleeing in all directions.’ ”

    BTW: this might piss you off, but figured it should be run by you Heard something new about the new National Social Security Law: it requires foreigners working in China to contribute to a payroll tax, even though they can’t collect benefits (for instance, if you lose your job, you lose your visa so you can’t collect unemployment benefits). There’s also discussion of removing caps on payroll tax liability – which effectively would toss a 30% tax increase (aka, “robbery”). Uhhh…

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