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China’s Impending Collapse

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 19, 2011

Excellent comment from Da Brew on China’s Economy. (actually Brewskie is forwarding a comment)

“Ha! This lad said the smartest thing I’ve read in a week; get this…

“Sign of imminent hard landing can be measured by number of CCP looters fleeing the country recently. The fuse for the time bomb is getting shorter and shorter. The musical chair has only a few notes to crank out. As the old China hands say ‘you don’t predict earthquake by looking at the seismic machine, you watch the behavior of dogs, chickens, pigs fleeing in all directions.’ “

2 Responses to “China’s Impending Collapse”

  1. Brewskie said

    Whooo! The Big 4’s rears are so red, so swollen, so painful from an industrial ass-kicking, pinpricks risk blowing them up like an overstretched balloon, and spewing fatty butt blubber over the depositors’ faces. In the first 10 days of December alone, deposits declined 400 RMB (US$63 billion); they fell 769.5 billion yuan (US$121 billion) in October.

    What’s the cause for the cascading waterfalls? Renminbi depreciation is plausible, and lack of foreign deposits is evidenced; foreign deposits decreased 24.9 billion (US$ 3.9 billion) in October, which is the 1st time since ’07.


  2. Brewskie said

    Ding-dong, China’s party is over – Paul Krugman is getting cold feet about the middle kingdom! Is it because Paul Krugman is an expert? Some of his essays are worth reading and his critiques of Dubya’s, economic policies, especially, were spot-on; in other ways, he’s an elitist, he’s secluded and many ways, clueless. He’s elitist, secluded and clueless on various ares like many economic high priests – libertarian loons, reactionary socialist, communists, right-wing retard lovers of large military and gargantuan institutions, laissez-faire intellectual sloths – are on current economic events, future economic trends.

    I recall watching MSNBC talking brick heads ballyhoo the pollyanna of America’s growth from 2004-2007, in outer space about the time bomb on Wall Street. When the train wrecked, all skulls such as Stephen Roach (who’s mind is as empty as the South China Mall) instantly transformed and all acted as experts who knew all along about the pipe bomb in the pipe – was this an Orwellian moment where history incinerates like space trash getting “too close for love from the sun”?

    Human psychology would explain such as a “reality distortion field” to save face w/ourselves, others. The semi-winded rant point: when the bandwagon’s front left wheel breaks because it’s overcrowded like a Chinese school bus… you know the “Hangover Part III: China’s Balrog Booze” is about to begin.

    Now what’s the lesson about heavy economic slants? Simple: they’re all like harping religious sects, demonstrating pious intolerance beyond implemented mental fences. Why not look to history – America’s most prosperous economic decades: the 1950s and 60 – for guidance? (To Krugman’s credit, he tends to draw lessons there better than the extreme laissez-faire blowhards))


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