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Christian Bale, Flowers of War and Chinese Nationalism

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 22, 2011

Christian Bale, who got his ass kicked by chicoms while trying to meet a blind Chinese lawyer, did a movie here in China.

Rather than waste your time watching

Flowers of War, let me tell you all about it.
Christian Bale plays a guy who goes to china to try and recover cash owed to a preacher.

” meets hookers which even in the 30s were numerous in china

” pays the equivalent of $15 for a ‘foot massage’ with happy ending

-Japanese come and kick some Chinese ass
– Christian Bale falls for chinese hooker because who else will rub a guys stinky feet after a hard day’s work
-japanese kick more ass and chinese cower in the streets
-Christian bale goes for more ‘hand love’ only to find that the japanese are deciding if they want to take chinese hookers as their slaves or prostitutes ( funny thing is that today in China all one needs is an Iphone 4s and they can have just about any snaggle toothed woman here)
-japanese kill more chinese (this is just another way of building hatred for foreign powers such that the locals feel the need of the strong hand of communism…
-christian bale feels sorry for the chinese school girls, after all, he never had to teach them nor live with their incessant banter and uncivilized ways, think of it like this, even a wilderbeast seems cuddly from afar
-the japanese do bad things

-the prostitutes become the sex slaves of the japanese which is not as bad as it seems, for they got japanese visas and when the war ended were allowed to relocate to places like the US where they now live in the lap of luxury….

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