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Ship Bound For China Illegally Packed with US Patriot Missiles

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 22, 2011

As part of her peaceful rise China has built an aircraft carrier, jet fighters and now is smuggling US Patriot missiles.
I guess the Chinese definition of peace is different than my own.

But how foolish are we to do nothing but watch as China arms themselves to the teeth….
Story here

3 Responses to “Ship Bound For China Illegally Packed with US Patriot Missiles”

  1. biada said

    It’s called DEFENSE moron.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks for your insightful reply! I am sure your folks are happy with the thousands they heaped into the coffers of that junior college in some wayward southeast Asian country so that you could come up with game breakers like this one!!!!!! peace….

    • Brewskie said

      Patriot missiles? Maybe they’re working better now. I remember them from the Gulf War, when afterward, we learned they were no better at shooting down Scuds than bottle rockets (the Scuds were better at knocking themselves out). It made great propaganda though.

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