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China Lovers and Apologists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 26, 2011

China apologists are people who have no clue about the realities of China or are willing to overlook them for whatever reason. For the most part they are either people who have never been here but despise or do not like nor understand why some people would bash or misrepresent such an ancient people.

What these people fail to understand are the hard cold realities of this place and her history. If one takes the time to read about the Chinese today and a few hundred years ago, they would find that this place has been wounded for a long time.
These apologists, however, prefer to think of the shittiness of China as due to a combination of foreign influence and strife or trauma from the cultural revolution. The funny thing is that the same things that happen today happened thousands of years ago, but these people fail to see this.

My father is an example of an apologist. Before I came, he thought he knew, and to a certain extent, still thinks he knows China well (he has read quite a bit but never been here). Due to alleged health issues, however, he will not come to the land of grunge and despair- China.

I feel it my mission to fill him in on the brutal nature of this place, and he usually has an excuse for them.

My question is why is it that those people who have never been to China or stayed at the Hilton in Shanghai, or worse yet, have never been here but due to the fact that they have poked a Chinese woman , now pretend to know this place inside and out.

As for me, I dont know jack, and i have been here for years. I work , I studied and I even taught a bit but yet i am still appalled by much of what I see.

Just recently my dad sent me a message about China’s 500kmh high speed train. My response was ‘300kmh was fast enough to kill as many as they needed to, so why up the speed?

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