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Christmas in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 26, 2011

China has some Christians, but as a whole, the religiosity of the people is lacking. Thus, Christmas time here is sourly lacking. Sure they play all the music and smile and say “Hey Merry Christmas!!” But you know they don’t get it.
In a country that has never had a real indigenous (yes they even had to steal that), it is hard to take them seriously when they try to relate to traditions from the west.

Also, in China, during the Christmas season it is next to impossible to see a foreign film at the theaters. I have no idea why this is, for all Chinese and foreigners alike know that local cinema and flicks suck.

For Christmas viewing yesterday we were treated to the story of the ‘Long March’, which cemented Mao’s place in communism. I guess while you folks cut the turkey and opened presents, we were learning about that guy named Bosshard and how skillful China’s savior, Mao was…

some cultural differences really suck

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