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Brewskie on Religion and Typical Chinese Foolishness….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

From Brewskie:China pollution
“Back again. Man, we’ve got some good stuff for you to graze on, as well as any naively innocent (yet gullibly stupid) faith-based worshipers of China.

China’s ready-to-eat cooked food must be really bad – I wouldn’t touch America’s shit!! In Guangdong supermarkets, nearly 40% fails safety food checks. A snippet of what lame sheep can expect when grazing salty, (sorta) well preserved delicacies:

“The Yangcheng Evening News said that 78.9% of the products that failed the inspection contained bacteria higher than legally accepted levels. Besides E coli, which is commonly found in contaminated food, the newspaper reported that deadly salmonella was also detected in bean curd sheets sold at a supermarket belonging to the Runhua Group in Zhongshan.

Additionally, three batches of cold dishes tested positive for boric acid, which came from the use of borax in food, even though the chemical is banned in food production.”


Second, real estate agencies are dropping faster than flies riding lobotomized cattle in landfill feedlots, blissfully snacking on circuit boards: 477 have recently died.


Third, with the eurzone in the toilet – and swirling down the rabbit hole more and more… – some are calling on China to step up to bat and bring the RMB to prime time: make it a full-fledged international currency. Not going to happen anytime soon. The chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund, Dai Xianglong, believes it could take 15 years.


And with the eurzone getting gormandized in the landfill feedlot, and with China supposedly invincible, wouldn’t it make sense for China to flip a few bills out, and save Europe’s ass – it’s got $3 trillion in reserves, right? Is it like China borrowed against her reserves, splurged on advancements in sandy concrete and “wire rebars,” built Play-Doh-strength infrastructure?

Learn from history: in the 20th century, both 1920s US and 1980s Japan were the envied #1 creditor nations in the world; they possessed go-go economies that were suppose to outlive God, had trade surpluses higher than Mt. Everest. No, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes!

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