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Funny Chinese Sign- Mrery Christmas

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

funny chinese sign

The chinese steal tech they do not understand ie, everything from darning needles to locomotives and then they try to learn Engrish, a thing they also fail to comprehend as well.

In this instance, they try to act civilized by showing that they understand that there is holiday called Christmas.

It is their hope that no one asks them to explain what it means for they will no doubt utter something about a day off work and foreigners and drinking.

Worse yet, try to ask their folks how they celebrated it over the ages

-in the 50 by land seizures then fighting off hunger pangs an they considered their neighbors kids for a light snack

-in the 60s, they cut the tongues from the mouths of teachers, it wasn’t a Christmas thing, it was merely what one did to ingratiate themselves to the party back then

-in the 70’s there was no Christmas for their god- Mao mao bit the bullet

-80’s by being assailed by a hail of bullets and Deng the Dwarf looked on

-90’s by feeling rally stupid as more foreigners came here and said , why the hell do you dress like that and do you think you should brush your teeth?

– in the 00’s by stealing land from the villagers then toppling their houses onto them when they hid….


Sounds harsh, but sometimes the truth is…..

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