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Why India Will Surpass China- Quality Goods for Less

Posted by w_thames_the_d on December 27, 2011

India has developed the worlds cheapest laptop for $35. The funny thing is that while India tries to add value for the money for they seem to value their people, China is the opposite.

Take Eben Eren, for instance (I reviewed it and the T-3 here). lt is a Chinese company that makes a that costs about $750. I know a bit about it and the people who run it and were it not for the incessant purchasing of the tablet by the chinese communists for gifts and other perks, it allegedly would not be doing anything in the market.

Allegedly, eben eren has friends in the party, but little else. They have been on a store opening spurt, but I know of not one Chinese who owns one of these overpriced tablets.

The t-3 have good functionality but definitely do mot merit the price of 1 to 1.5 Ipads or 3.2 Kindle Fires.

The reason they are so high priced, I am told, is that the communist party members, who I am told, give them as gifts. As such, a gift need to be pricey to give both parties face. Thus, the party is subsidizing an overpriced piece of work that merits relatively few Chinese but the monied.

Ironically the name eben eren means ‘everyone can buy one’ or ‘everyone gets one’. This is ironic when we figure that over 3/4 of Chinese would have to work two years to buy one of these and the average chinese would have to work about 2 months to make that purchase.

To put this into perspective, the average household in america only needs to work around 3 months to purchase their average home.

The thing that India gets is that if everyone buys one then everyone does better. Everyone progresses and then India does better.

China in a fit of selfishness and lack of forethought does not understand this ideal.

Story here

11 Responses to “Why India Will Surpass China- Quality Goods for Less”

  1. Brewskie said

    Shhhh… don’t tell Roachie!

    Stephen Roach, chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, is a giant among China blowhards – and I know some China blowhards. Anywho, I was reading an article by Roachie – aka, idiot – that was sycophantic of the CCP’s “wise” interventions; it especially remarked how the commies seemingly kicked inflation’s butt down the road.

    Yeah, the commies’ inflation stats seem to indicate a bit of tapering, but I recall recently that inflation for vegetables has awoken from a short siesta, and has been climbing six straight weeks – up 28% since early November.


  2. Brewskie said

    11 months after completion and only 1 resident who stayed 17 hours, a luxury apartment building with 18 floors (but was designed only for 11) in Taizhou, Zhejiang, got the death penalty in August. Can’t believe the shitty Huffington Post coughed this hairball up:


    A good quote from the lone resident:

    “I bought the unit on the 16th floor because of the beautiful ocean view. It’s such a pity I can’t live in it,” the homeowner in question, Mr Zhan, told China Daily. “I heard loud banging sounds like an explosion. It was really scary. And then we were told that a pillar in the foundation had cracked.”

  3. nulle said

    are you sure about your numbers?

    “the average household in america only needs to work around 3 months to purchase their average home”

    I would change it to either purchase their ipad or 3 years to purchase their average home.

    what is your reference for average home? what is the average household salary???

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks nulle, you are correct. I should read, “It takes three years to purchase a home…”
      I was using approx 50k as an annual income and an avg house price of around 150 to 160k

    • Brewskie said

      The funny bit is, a few years ago, you didn’t need 3 months’ income to purchase a home in the US! You didn’t need one month income – or a down payment!!! “You some migrant tomato picker earning $14,000 annually; you want that $350,000 home? No problem! Just sign this stack of papers, don’t worry about the credit check (and pssst… especially don’t pay attention to your monthly payments after the teaser drops – it’ll be half of Mexico monthly! and you can move in tomorrow.”

      Or use your home as an ATM: it’s worth $250,000 – you’re a 1/4 millionaire! Buy that Ford Expedition and pretend gas will be cheap forever; boob plants and facials are so cheap now days…”

      It was crazy. I knew for years it would end in disaster and we’d be paying for it for years, but no, everyone insisted we’d party like its 2999.

  4. Great post! Last time I checked,India was supposed to surpass China by 2014. However corruption,(as in PRC)is rampant,and they have many other problems as well.Their much ballyhoowed ‘TATA’ car is a piece of CRAP

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