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China, Communists and Dead Muslims

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 1, 2012

China has 56 ethnic minorities but does not play well with them all. No , I am not talking about the Olympic minority parade where it was found out that the little stooges paraded around were not minorities, as was stated, but were all of the ‘Han’ race or as Adolf would say, ‘the pure one’s.
Aside from this fact and the notion that in my travels I have personally witnessed the enmity/arrogance of the Han vs the rest of their ‘people’, but what the Chinese are doing to Tibetans and the Muslims is a bit much.
When we hear the term Muslim, we flash to the notion of fanatics, but this is not always the case. In China, for instance, they may have some fanatical Muslims, but I would bet they fare about as poorly here as a closet Christian, or a member of the FG.
A week ago, the master race Han said they foiled a Muslim Jihadist plot. (actually this idea is nothing more than capitalizing on the Muslim fear, ie the Chinese are knocking off what Bush sold us for years).
Thus, when the communists gunned down women, they automatically called them Chinese ethnic minority terrorists. The sad thing is that the typical Chinese, with the inability to discern the truth , probably believes that the Chinese were in the right. Perhaps these people can be reincarnated as Tibetans in the new China. as may Mao, Deng and the others…that would be justice

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