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New Year’s Day in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 1, 2012

For the majority of you- the people who live in civility, ie countries other than : China, N Korea and half of Africa, today is a cool day. It is January 1 of 2012 and you are still alive, like it or not.

For those of us who unfortunate enough to call this land of dust, smog and toxicity home, New years is a bit different, let me explain.

I am from humanity, meaning ABC- Almost Anywhere But China, but now I do spend my days in the land of fraud and neglect. Today, being the barbarian new year, is not special in China-per se, for the Chinese, who discovered the earth and stars before they were invented, use their own calendar year- the lunar Chinese year type thing.

Anyway, the Chinese, just so they don’t look as ignorant as they did a few months ago, play along with the world and take January 1 as a festive day- of sorts. What this means is that in true Chinese fashion, they copy what those in the west do , say and wear, but fail to comprehend the complexity driving our reasons for doing so. The result of this is a foolhardy attempt at achieving something for which they are not geared- things like honesty , for instance.

So the TV today is dedicated to showing us and the world that the Chinese are not as damned ignorant as they are. To wit:
1- they do say ‘happy new year’
2- they do move their calendars ahead
3-they smile
4-they spit more

But the most frustrating thing to see is the communist controlled mind fk called TV. This thing is filled with a comedy of lies that anyone whose IQ has formed a hare more than my beloved rabbit 2 2, could see as a farce of epic proportions.

For example, I just suffered through a show where a mentally retarded man was allowed to read a letter he’d written to his mom and sing a nice hi-ho communist dity. To many of you this may seem as heart warming, to me not so.
The reason, you ask?

For I , as most foreigners here know all to well, just how horribly anyone with a disability is treated here. For the guy who sang the song it was all good, but to those of his ilk things in the mean streets of China are not so good. For as he sang, there are thousands of people like him working as slaves in brick kilns and being physically abused as we speak. The evil men and women employing them need not fear detection, for the communist party which has admitted that religion will be its downfall, is the satanic protector of much of what is wrong with this place.

So yes, this one mentally handicapped man enjoyed a good day today, but as for the rest, who knows.

And before you spit up your toast in disgust and pronounce me a hater, just give me a chance. Below I will put links, so that you may become as informed as your humble author.

One thing, you will never see, however, is the brutal reality of this place. I , the same man who berates the communist party every chance he gets, has volunteered at an orphanage here in China. The place was great- run by a foreigner of course, and the kids were incredible, as most kids are.

The beauty is that many of them will be adopted by foreigners, to whom a cleft palate or physical disability is nothing more than a fact of life that can be overcome in more ways than one is lead to believe by the sneers of society at large. In addition, the good things is that by being adopted, these people will not have to face those beings that gave birth to them only to find no real use or benefit from their existence and then tossing them to the streets.

If this is sad and bothers you, then good. The more informed we are, the better off we all are.

Have a great time at your next Wal-Mart visit.




or just paste this

or google this china abuse handicapped report

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