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China’s king Communist – Hu Jin Tao Warns China not to Modernize/Westernize

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 2, 2012

China’s head donkey, the newest in a long line of Mao wannabes is warned that one of the most ghastly things that could ever happen to China is taking place at the hands of filthy barbarian capitalists, here is an excerpt:

” “hostile” outside forces are attempting to “westernize” China.”

Westernize indeed! As if this were a bad thing. As if the west were that bad.  I guess Mr Hu does not understand from whom all that stolen tech usually comes. And how about those atrocious western habits like swallowing ones spit and urinating in a toilet?

he said”Hu warned in the speech that forces from overseas are attempting to “westernize” China in an attempt to divert the country’s focus”

Yes, and horrible be the day when a Chinaman cannot squat on Dawanglu and take a shit without the prying eyes of some foreign bastard with some magical device that steals one’s image, utilizing this device to its fullest. Or how about the degradation felt by the locals when it be known that the hands of the non Han- non chinese have felt the skin of their mal formed females?

Mr Hu is afraid, yessire he is. Maybe China didn’t feel the Arab Spring, at least not yet….

Quotes from here

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