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Brits, Shitty Military Uniforms and the Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 3, 2012

In what must seem to be the most laughable of all reverse -Orwellian eventualities possible , the Brits, or their government, who for some reason , has decided the lives of their soldiers is not worth a darn, have outsourced production of British uniforms to the chicoms.

Hm,,, so we have the axis of evil which includes communist countries like N Korea who have done nothing to us since our little stale-mate decades ago, and the Cubans who have never done much since telling JFK to fk off, and several middle east countries, who due to our attitude and support of Israel, consider us to be a pain. To all of these countries, we hold a measure of scorn/hatred and refuse to trade with them, nor treat them as humans.

And then comes China, the 8000 pound mentally handicapped mutant ape with a lack of the innovation gene but an excess of the copy gene. This country, which has nukes and has vowed to take back TW is hacking and stealing us into submission but we do nothing. The Brits, it would seem, are just as bad, for they are outsourcing their military uniforms to the chicoms…. wtf??
” a report by the Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, newly distributed multi-terrain pattern uniforms, manufactured in China, have been extremely unpopular among British soldiers in Afghanistan….Uniforms issued to the British army last year have been unpopular, with soldiers complaining that they are uncomfortable and don’t provide effective camouflage”


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Tens of Thousands Protest in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 3, 2012

The chicoms had a rough year last year. There were boatloads of protests, necessitating the killing of of a few ‘spare’ chinamen.

The Commissar thugs will choose which marionettes will replace them in face but not spirit. The very blood of the newest generation of reds, runs red with the pain and misery of the millions who suffered at their whim.

In places like Guangzhou, the penultimate cry for change was heard. With a gun shothere and a club to the skull there, the communists have entered into a homeostasis with those who seek avatar-like relief.

But lately another bout of betrayal has struck the Chinese, some investment broker has bilked them of billions, the result, tens of thousands of pissed off chinese. These masses were said to be coming to Beijing but the reds have resources to fight such things. Cohort thugs lie in wait and prevent them from coming, or they are jailed upon making it to beijing.

I’m on my kindle so I cannot paste the link but you can google anysng China protest

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