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China Outlawing Fun

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 4, 2012

China,s communists are hell bent on controlling the sheep they call citizens. The form of control is nothing less than a frontal assault on the collective Chinese funny bone. As such, the commies have outlawed excessive entertainment in tv (this is true) . they have cut prime time happy shows from 126. To a whopping 38! Wtf..

Yeah, the commies who fear a revolt, apparently believe that they can lull the sheep to a state of passivity by removing such things as Chinese reality shows, Chinese idol(shameless USA knockoff), and some dating shows.
Instead of such fare, the locals will be treated to such fav as:
1 let’s slay the teacher- a tribute to the cultural revolution
2 cooking the kids and not feeling guilty- a self help channel dedicated to assisting the Chinese who cannibalized the young during the great leap
3 my favorite mass murderer- a a series where in the end the Chinese must choose their fav bloodthirsty dictator, spoiler alert, the winner s name probably starts in an m and ends in an o

Story here

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