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Most Popular Posts of All Times

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

I have been blogging/complaining about China for a bit. And in the name of keeping score, here are the all time most visited posts


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Idiotic Chinese Announcers and American Football

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

I love American football, after all, it is the only true game of football. Unlike that other one where guys run around in little shorts complaining about a kick to the shins, NFL players are ‘ballas’ and real men.

The problem is that in China they dont show much football, well, because Chinese one child policy people don’t care. The reason is that their undescended testes have not formed enough testosterone to endow them with the build of anything resembling a man, and the molly coddlng of their ancient grandparents has left them without a spine.

So, I’m watching American football, aka the only real football and some idiotic Chinese (redundant) announcers are trying to figure out the game. Their chuckling and hem hawing as they foul up their explanation of the action and rules. The funny thing is that people in their age range, late 30’s early 40’s grew up at a time in China when schools were just re-opened- yes China closed down all schools from 1966 to 1976. So these guys, aside from getting the worst education possible, had little to no interaction with humans and the outside world, let alone playing sports.

So, the Chinese, in typical Chinese fashion, attempt to discuss things for which they are ill-equipped- others would be technology, love, respect. laws, morals, ethics, innovation etc.

The announcers, however, do their best to memorize what the humans said, and then rebroadcast these thoughts in a true Chinese pirate fashion. The funny thing is that their timing is off, they misquote, they misinform and basically show how little they really know.

Perhaps China should stick to its knitting, do what it does best.
Casitgate her people while proclamiing undying love for some figurehead then hating what they and their country has become.

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A Great A Great Day To Kill- Chinese City Publicly Executes 15 People in a Day

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

On December 29, the communists in China publicly executed 15 people , their real crime? They couldn’t pay enough bribes to save their lives.

It is true, public executions here are common, they just like to let us know about them, after all, the chicoms don’t want to lose face right?

Who wants to know that the father of the guy sitting next to them in freshman literature class, is none other than the offspring of a corrupt official who has committed far heinous crimes than those who were murdered in public on December 29 , 2011, but being a communist he had the ability to not only maintain his position but excel therein. And this skinny-boned student’s father, knowing that what he was about to do was nothing less than wrong, but nonetheless ordered the slaughter of another human. I guess we should expect nothing less, after all, China’s head capo at present was known as the “Butcher” for action he took in ’89.

Back to the Prisoners…now before you go off on a tangent about prisoners being the scum of the earth, hold your miserly tongue we are talking about China. China, unlike the USA, is a place that makes the OJ trial look fair.

The commies and their filth/offspring commit murder (see Li Gang’s son) and get a slap on the wrists while people such as Ai Wei Wei is beaten so brutally he is hospitalized, his crime- he does not agree with the chicoms. Another example of the type of people the chicoms decide to put behind bars is Ni yulan, a human rights activist who was beaten so badly by the police that she is now crippled.

I guess this was not good enough for the chicoms as they are going after her again, her crime

“picking quarrels and making trouble”. WTF???

In a country where 10% of the blood money goes directly into the crimson mitts of the communist party, a woman who has lost the use of her limbs can be thrown in jail for  “picking quarrels and making trouble”???

story herehttp://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/29/chinese-rights-activist-fraud-trial?newsfeed=true

Yeah, this is our buddy China. The same group of people who have hacked into our email accounts, stolen our tech and military secrets and now are colleagues and classmates., or perhaps have purchased a house right up the street.

Think about it folks, when 90% of all Chinese millionaires and billionaires are communist party members, they are the ones who are jumping ship. Don’t fool yourself when the student tells you his dad works for the goverment, that is none other than a died in the red communist party member.

And of those who say they got affluent from business. …in 1999 china had 0 billionaires, they now have almost 200, the second most in the world. They did not get the money from $300 per month salaries, they got it from favoritism, real estate transcations where they stole the land from its rightful owners and killed or crippled them because they could.

Oh but on the positive side of the murders, I hear there are :

-30 new eyeballs and kidneys available, plus some livers, lungs, a few hearts and other various and sundry parts that are culled from this guys after death

An example from here

“Foreign patients who travel to China for transplants are likely receiving organs culled from political prisoners who are alive when their corneas, kidneys and livers are harvested, then left to die, an international group of doctors armed with a chilling Canadian report is warning.”

Nixon was a fuktard.

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Truth of Construction Quality in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

This photo shows what is wrong with Chinese construction. Shouldn’t the bridge go above and not through the building?
From this site http://www.china-underground.com/magazine/incredible-architecture-design-flaw-in-china

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Video of What is To Fear From the Chinese Army

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 5, 2012

Check out this video of a chicom almost blowing himself up with his own grenade…do we realy need to fear these guys?


1-he should be blown up for he throws like a sissy, come on , the guy cant get the grande over the wall

2-he’s an idiot for not rolling into the protective ditch

3- arm 1,340,000,000 just like him and they will make their own ‘hamburger hill’

4- They are more a danger to themselves then to us

5- on the bright side, the grenade was made in China so probably blew out little more than smoke

6- the guy does now have real combat experience

All in all, I would ask why we fear the soldiers of a nation who have not grasped the concept of moving objects, or automatic doors, let alone the intricacies of speaking in human tones on a cell phone.

If we had to fight these guys then I’m staying so i can stake my claim on a villa in New New York (formerly known as Beijing), American style….

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