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Chinese Highway Uses ‘Plant Stocks’ in Lieu of Steel Bars- Man Loses His Life in Accident

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2012

An article from wantchinatimes alleges that an highway embankment in china which was supposed to be a safety valve for motorists, utilized organic ‘reeds’ in lieu of metal bars. The result, of course was that the embankment could not withstand the impact of an auto.

It is reported that a few days ago the embankment gave way when a car driven by a man crashed into it. The car and its driver plunged into the river below, the car was salvaged but the man was not.

The photo shows the alleged proof that instead of using steel bars for support, plant stocks were used. Thus, lacking the structural integrity, the embankment was useless.

This is China, I am no longer surprised.

The photo shows the crumbled concrete and the plants used as ‘rods’.
from here

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Buffet Panders to China- Sings ‘Em a Tune

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2012

Warren Buffet, in an apparent attempt at pandering to the Chinese, is dedicating a lunar new year ditty to them. According to CNN, Buffet recorded a song to be sung to the Chinese during their lunar new year.

On a side note, Buffet, who , aside from buying into BYD, a car company that even the Chinese with enough cash avoid, has said that we cannot expect too much from China. He is quoted as saying that we cannot expect China to do in 35 years what took us 200.

I guess Mr Buffet’s mind has mildewed with age, for all of the Chinese are sure to point out that their time on earth predates that of Jesus, which means that the doddering citizens of this place have a history a hair bit longer than 6 decades.

Perhaps I have misunderstood ‘Buffie’s’ comment or taken it out of context. perhaps what he means to say is that we cannot expect a brutal dictatorship spurred on by more deaths over the past 110 years than all the century’s wars combined to become civilized overnight. perhaps we should not expect that they would not harvest organs from political prisoners and send tanks into a land filled with unarmed citizens, after all, they are still young.

And if we cannot expect them to do those things that I have just mentioned, then surely we cannot or should not belabor the point that the leader of the milk producer who was responsible for the deaths of so many Chinese children was a proud member of the communist party and allegedly did her best to hide the fact that the milk was toxic, so that the party would not suffer a black eye before the Olympics.

I could go on and on, but the internet being what it is, I think you’ve already seen most of these factoids before.

I guess, i can feel Mr Buffet on this one. after all, communist China is only 60 and what should we expect from them…civility?

Buffet, another American sell out

Buffet panders here http://business.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/06/warren-buffett-to-sing-on-china-national-tv/
BYD and Buffie http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1056555_build-your-dream-or-disaster-wikileaks-buffet-electric-car-woes
“According to Reuters, which was given access to the leaked documents through a third party, the U.S. government was sent diplomatic cables detailing BYD’s lack of respect for International patent law. One published excerpt, allegedly written by Guanzhou Consul-General Brian Goldbeck reads as follows:

“While BYD has certainly achieved a measure of success based on a business approach of copying and then modifying car designs just enough to convince Chinese courts that the company has not infringed on patents, it is far less certain that foreign courts will be as sympathetic”More worryingly, cables leaked to WikiLeaks detail claims made by BYD about its five-star safety rating for its F0 car, awarded by a Chinese consumer association. But yet the association have no recollection or record of testing BYD’s car or awarding it the maximum safety award. (For good measure, the F0 is a carbon copy of a car made by Toyota and sold in Europe as the Aygo.)

China the land of serialized milk scandals http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chinese_milk_scandal

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Chinese Company Sells ‘Vaporware” Financials to America

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2012

Some Chinese company who found Americans who were dumb/innocent to really believe anything that comes from here, has been dumped by KPMG for financial irregularities. Excerpt”Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) — China Forestry Holdings Co., the Chinese timber company whose shares have been suspended since January last year because of accounting irregularities, said its auditor KPMG LLC resigned, citing valuation concerns… “cast serious doubt over the authenticity and reliability of records and documents”
Hmmm, is this the part where we are supposed to feign shock that those humble little Chinese, the ones whose not so nimble fingers are behind the production of the lead filled glasses that we obtain at a discount from McDonalds, are actually fibbing to us about their financial state?
Who wuold believe that a people who find nothing wrong with feeding their own rations of lead,, cadmium and other toxins just so they can earn a penny, would deceive us…
Story from herehttp://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-01-06/china-forestry-auditor-kpmg-resigns-citing-valuation-concerns.html

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Angry China and Protests

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2012

China averages about 510 protests of some sort per day, each day , 365 days per year. The reasons are usually things like anger over theft by the chicoms at some level or business owners. This Chinese propensity to violence en masse, showcased by events like those from the bloody cultural revolution, show why the Chinese fear themselves and at some level need the communist party.

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Chinese Fashion Bike

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 6, 2012

The name of this bike is ‘fashion’ which is a Chinese way to say fashionable, or a term for something whose price, or a reasonable facsimilie thereof (ie fake) is fashionable and out of reach for the other 1,299,999,999 people who live here. For the locals, to have a ‘fashion good’ is gee whiz cool1!!!!

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