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China to launch Their Own International Hotel Line

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 8, 2012

China will launch a line of hotels, that although are overseas, will cater to traveling chinamen. I for one, am happy to know that now there is a place where they do not scorn you for shitting on the front steps, but reward you. After all the patrons will all be Chinese, who the hell else would even consider trying to snooze in a place that is destined to have canary skinned zombies roaming all hours of the night in their pajamas.
Once I went on vaca, or tried to, but the Chinese ruined it. Utilizing , Chinese consideration, they whiled away the night shrieking in that annoying manner they did while the humans tried to get their snooze on.
I guess I should not grouse, it is their country, nah screw that, I can bitch all I want. When they visit civilization, anywhere but china, they bitch too.
Story here

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