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“China Expects Too Much,” Says Cancerous Chinese Milk Company

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 9, 2012

China has serial toxic milk problems, ie the people of this country are more likely to be dunking their Oreos in cancer causing melamine rather than honest to goodness cows milk.
Now, some communist, as all leaders of these places are (all companies have to have a commie rep), says that the people of china want too much, quote here,
“The chief of a leading Chinese dairy farming company has dismissed charges of pollution against his company, saying people expect too much from the firm.
“The general public demands too much from us,” said Deng Jiuqiang, chairman of Modern Farming, at the company’s headquarters in Dangtu county, located in central China’s Anhui province.
His company was excoriated recently after aflatoxin, a carcinogen, was found in milk from one of its ranches. There were also complaints of pollution against the company’s dairy farm in Ma’anshan, a city in Anhui, according to Guangzhou-based magazine Time Weekly.
People living nearby say the farm is infested with insects during the summer. Further, they say its cattle are abnormally noisy and the farm emits a strong odor year-round. A reporter who visited the farm to look into the complaints found the ranch swamped with the manure, attracting swarms of insects.”

Hmm, I can see his point. This place has too many people, so I guess he wants to wipe a few million of them out…..
Excerpt From here

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