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China’s High Rise’s Signal Her Hard Landing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2012

Chinese buildings have the structural integrity of a sparrow, scratch that, the bones and muscular structure of a sparrow are a testament to incredible design which enables them to accomplish that what they were intended to do- survive. Chinese buildings, on the other hand, while approximating a real building, ie they look like one, do not allow the ‘building’ to do that which a real ‘building’ is meant to do- to withstand time and the elements.Thus, chinese buildings are a testament to modern day china, slipshod work made to look like something it’s not and destined to collapse.

It’s no surprise that while buildings in the US and England last 70 and 120 years respectively, those in China last 30. This minor shortcoming, however, leaves the locals non-plussed as they snatch up building right and left, I guess they have few other options.

A big problem that they have, however, is that while the buildings suck and will not withstand a gale strength wind, their construction actually shows a weakness within the Chinese system- and no I am not talking about their stupidity.

The weakness is that as local governments move to build their coffers so they can get promoted, they kill people and take their land and build things thereupon. This incessant building has lead to an overage of buildings of all sorts, which is a bad thing.

The result is 1,340,000,000 people living under an economic system with the thickness of a piece of Charmin 2-ply. According to the excerpt below, China’s continued manufacture of high rise buildings is nothing more than proof positive that the crash is coming and it’s going to be ugly…

“Barclays Capital has mapped an “unhealthy correlation” between construction of the world’s tallest buildings and impending financial crises over the last 140 years.
Today, China is home to half of the world’s skyscrapers — defined as buildings over 240 meters (787 feet) tall — currently under construction.”

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Comment on China’s “Rise”- HAHHAHA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2012

Comment from Brewskie. He’s nailed this one on the head, ie. his China analogy. Also, he quotes China’s problems with mag-lev trains, but yet they still are bidding to build them in England. Call it Chinese fairness, they want to spread their ‘weapons of mass destruction’ around the globe….

“Oh-oh, Beijing and Shenzhen have suspended construction of maglev rail systems. The technical problems they say may take a long time to resolve. Gee… shouldn’t these guys learn to correctly build high-speed rail systems before mastering a more difficult technological challenge?


It’s like Chinese car companies trying to master EV technology when they still can’t build a decent internal combustible engine. Sorta like a white trash loser suddenly declaring he’s going to attend a university to become an engineer, when he doesn’t even have sufficient 9th grade math skills.

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Chinese Kindle Book Reader

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2012

Chinese got the lazy gene in spades but it cannot be outdone by the ‘knock off gene’

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Why China Will Never Rule

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2012

I just watched a video about K pop and American youth’s reaction thereto. What surprised me, after being gone from my country for so long, is how bright we are. The people interviewed were in their early teens but had the ability to analyze and make decisions, things Chinese have yet to master.
Then I thought about the questions asked, ie what does the kid feel when he watches Kpop and what images or ideas he has of it. The people handled the questions cleanly and were spot on. Ask a Chinese youth the same thing and you get the ‘idiot stare’ that this place if famous for.
Say ‘ni hao’ or hello —-idiot stare
Say God bless you—- idiot stare
say wow those 60’s really rocked—-idiot stare
say wow its nice to vote for the leaders of your country eh?—idiot stare
ever heard of any countries aside from China , Japan and the USA?—idiot stare

The idiot stare is the semi comical look that when mixed with a day’s worth of facial grime and 40 weight grease in their mangy locks typifies Mr China of today. The idiot stare is what one receives when asking such pressing questions as, ‘who you gonna vote for this year’ or whats your opinion of ….

The chinese were not taught to think, for if they were, and assuming they had any ballz, they’d of run off the ignorant communists a while ago. Thus, its probably good that they have never been taught how to think, to analyze and to be responsible, for if they had they would turn this place into a post ussr russia….

btw k pop singers are what men would look like if their testes never descended

btw btw Chinese will never rule for they cannot think nor create. Sure they had a little spurt of a few hundred years but that was a long long long time ago. Aside from that they’ve basically fought amongst themselves , used resource, cheated one another , exploited one another and made good food.

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More Chinese Knock offs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2012

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More Chinese Fakes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 11, 2012

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