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Beijing Has 2 Years Worth of Excess Home Inventory

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2012

China’s bubble is stretched to its limits…

“Home prices nationwide declined in November for the third straight month, according to an index of values in 100 major cities compiled by the China Index Academy, an independent real estate firm. Average prices in the Shanghai area are down about 40% from their peak in mid-2009, to about $176,000 for a 1,000-square-foot home.
Sales have plummeted. In Beijing, nearly two years’ worth of inventory is clogging the market, and more than 1,000 real estate agencies have closed this year. Developers who once pre-sold housing projects within hours are growing desperate. A real estate company in the eastern city of Wenzhou is offering to throw in a new BMW with a home purchase. ”

From here http://articles.latimes.com/2011/dec/13/business/la-fi-china-housing-bubble-20111213

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Chinese Emergency ” Fire Instructions”- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2012

This photo epitomizes what is wrong with China, they cant speak English. To most people this would seem ethnocentric (for you dumb dumbs this means having a bias to one’s own country and ways), but for me, it is not. The reason is that the Chinese probably study English for as long as we do, and for the most part when they speak they sound as if they are gnoshinig on sizzling cowboy bone, see photo from yesterday, and treat the language with as much disrespect as they did a ‘capitalist roader’ in the 60’s.

This, however, I can tolerate and actually their spoken English, at least in BJ is much better than other parts of China, but wtf is up with their writing? They, from the age of zero are prodded to enter English training schools, English camps and fed a steady diet of foreign nonsense vz films and cartoons. And if this is so, then why cannot they not master the simplest of things such as SVO sentences and the tenses?

As the photo shows, the Chinese, when allowed choices, ie, the English language when compared to the noxious rootings, foot stompings and feral growls that the locals have formed into a ‘language’, the Chinese cannot mentally assimilate. Chinese is a language with few choices they have 150,000 characters or so, that is it. So taking into account the illusory ‘tones’ which means the change in pitch that resonates through the empty skull of the beleaguered peoeple’s republic of china person before you, the chinese have what, a couple hundred thousand words in their whole mish-mashed mush mouthed speech? The chinese would never tolerate a 2Pac or Anfreny, their language does not support it. And the chinese need rules/ boundaries.

Thus, the Chinese, when not given a template, Ie. you say hello, and they will reply ‘hello how are you’ but if you say ‘hi’ or ‘whats up?” they are stumped, their minds dont work that way- stay with the script. Thus, thus, thus, the authors of this plaque had way too many choices of words and being a typical chiense person allowed this to be a detriment to himself and his work….

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Poorly Built Houses in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2012

Here is Brewskie s comment and then verbiage from the video

Big Brew
With aim to help needy residents, and perhaps to deflate the housing bubble, China a while back announced plans to build a slew of welfare housing. Determined not to be outdone by the shoddy appearance and deterioration of US housing projects, China’s bulldozed ahead to build a glut of (surprise, surprise) poorly built buildings – some which are described as having “cement with the strength of soil.”

The media warned, “the disproportion with the project speed
and quality will finally render the project a heart-breaking one.”
Voice of America said that Chinese media have quite often
disclosed quality problems with the welfare housing,
such as thinned steel, water leakage
and superficial examining.
For example, the Minxin House in Baotou of Inner Mongolia
was found to be with wall cement being as soft as soil.
It could be easily crumbed.
The Moon Bay House (Yueliangwan) in Beijing
was known for its six apartments being reconstructed
due to quality problems.
The Beijing Morning Post published an article on Aug. 21
titled “Frustration: The Jerry-built Project Return
in Shuangshang Village, Cangwu County in Shatou Town.
The article says tenants, who just moved in,
have discovered water leakages and wall cracks.
On the ground level, some rooms appeared to have sunken.
Mr. Wang (staff of Guangxi Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd):
Construction materials such as cement, concrete and steel
were required at a certain standard or measure.
They are then replaced with smaller, products of poorer quality,
for the purpose of gaining profit.
Both the contractors and the CCP officials seek profits
by any means possible.

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Mail Order Brides and Maglev Trains

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2012

Here is a funny comment from John on maglev trains. Sorry John but uncle chicom has our Internet web things blocked so I can’t approve your comment yet..
Comment from John
Mag lev trains are english. From the 80s. Proved as unreliable and expensive as a mail order bride.

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Homosexuality or Haute Cuisine in China- Boning Cowboys Served Up Fresh

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 12, 2012

The newer generation of Chinese men, and I stretch this term to its limits by terming them as such, leaves much to be desired. Perhaps it is nature’s way of fighting back, after all, if all the new Chinese one policy disappointments were really men, there could be a problem, thus mother nature has outfitted them to be shaped like and act more like their female counterparts.

I am unaware of any studies that prove or disprove the statement above, but living here for a few years has allowed me to study them in their natural habitat, as it were.

The photo shown here from a restaurant in Beijing, could be a statement about China’s general ignorance of foreign languages, or proof positive of the tastes of China’s new generation of men. Far be it from me to judge…..but I just have to wonder about this meat dish.

Then again maybe I don’t. For the lure of the west has probably driven both Chinse men and women alike to call out to their fellow dwellers in misery, “Hey Wu, you wanna go and get us a mouthful of some delicious sizzling cowboy bone?”

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