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Another Day Another Riot in China- 4000 Sanyo Employees Get Smacked Down

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 15, 2012

Chinese employees have been busy of late.it wasnt their work that has occupied their time, but their complaints. Take for instance, workers at Foxconn and Microsoft who both have threatened mass suicides over pay or some such thing.interestingly enough they only try these antics with firms from civilization, for if they threatened a Chinese company with that, the Chinese firm would gladly shove them from the ledge. To them it would mean a few extra labor hours cleaning up the mess, but they d save a buck to two, and this is china, the land where blood ties are severed over the price of some instant noodles.

This post, however, is about a strike at Sanyo in Shenzhen. The employees lined up to complain and uncle chicom sent in the thugs,mi mean cops.

No they did not pu. An ’89 and roll over them with tanks, but they told the workers to ,respect maaa authoritah,!

The workers, who are expecting cash, did not move off , for when it comes to pennies and patience, the Chinese rule.

The real issue is that across china funds are getting short and even though the locals might seem passive, they are the same ones, who a few years ago were masacering their kin over a little red book.

My question is, can you imagine what this people would be like without the stranglehold of communism?


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